Signing up is baked into what the great sites of the world are about. To get the whole enchilada, just do it. Then sign in on the login page to connect.

You get limited benefits when you don’t sign into great sites like YouTube and Amazon.
With Hotmail and Facebook you get no benefits at all. So register now — and get used to signing in and managing your passwords. (Fortunately most of the mega websites allow you to stay logged in for several days or weeks so you aren’t continually signing in.)

Visiting a login page and signing in is the same as showing your membership card at the door of an exclusive club. With memberships of some of these clubs – such as Google and eBay – running into the tens of millions those are really large clubs. Imagine how much you could do and how many people you could meet!


Login to the World's Best Websites


Opening an account is not a financial commitment on the main sites. It’s free. The main reason you have to sign in is to identify your computer as well as find out who you are. It’s a kind of gate-keeping process. That’s to prevent automated bots from swamping those sites. It reduces the chance of hack attacks on the sites too.

Why Sign In

Signing up and signing in ensures that you have privacy and can control who accesses your information on sites like Facebook and Gmail. It also puts you in touch with the whole wide world of information, languages, products, services, images, knowledge, family and friends.

Old-time travelers would see how many countries they could visit. Today internet travelers see how many great sites they can sign up for to explore. Accept the challenge.

Once you have registered, signing in is easy.

Typical Sign In Box as Found at Facebook


Facebook Login Example


Before Signing In You Must Sign Up!

Top sites make it as easy as possible for you to sign up. Facebook (sign in area below) accepts your email address or phone number plus your password (of course) to gain access. Some sites ask for your username, which you create at sign up.


Signing up at Facebook


Retrieving Your Details

The big sites (and, increasingly, the small ones) know that you might forget your username, email or password. Near the sign in box you will find a link saying “Forgot your password/username?” or “Need Help?”. Click on the link. You will be taken to a page where you can request to reset your username or password. Usually the site sends an email to your inbox where you can click on the link and reset your password.


Facebook Forgot Your Password

Security and Privacy issues

The vastly largest percentage of the billions of dollars spent on developing the internet has been spent on securing privacy and commercial transactions. Just about everything you do on the internet, including signing in to your favourite sites, is encrypted.

Internet Safety and Keeping Data Safe for Privacy

Internet Safety and Keeping Data Safe for Privacy

What’s more the encryption experts work tirelessly to upgrade the cryptography, making the internet the safest place to be. Millions of dollars are sent to secure the data on the huge servers where all the information is stored.

Yet you, as a user, have a responsibility too – particularly on social networks like Facebook. Do not say or show anything there that you would not be happy to show to your Mom. Everything on the internet is recorded, so bear in mind that tasteless behaviour on the internet in a moment of abandon might come back to haunt you in years to come.


What you Get

The top sign-in sites offer a world of variety – from entertainment (Netflix) to shopping (Amazon) to connecting with friends and family (Facebook) to learning about world news (CNN). You can make money online, invest, study, dream, chat, plan holidays and expand your world in ways you never thought possible.


Can You Sign in from Anywhere?

In an ideal world everyone would be connected with everyone but this is not yet the case. For instance, YouTube and Facebook have been banned in more than a dozen countries over time for political reasons. Some sites will flag a person in Cuba signing into an American site because of sanctions.

Sign In from AnywhereInternet users have found way to get around those restrictions. They sign in via a proxy (a sort of anonymous gateway) or via satellites belonging to private companies. Unless you are in China there is generally a way to sign in to all the major websites featured on Sign In Box.

Signing Up on Major Websites

Sometimes registering on a website feels like an invasive exercise. The sign up form might include fields for your age, nationality and phone number. Google has a preference for a cell number so it can check that you are who you say you are from time to time!

Some of the fields do not have to be completed if you don’t feel like it. Judge each registration form on its merits. Look at Facebook’s signup page, for instance.

Apps for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones


Mobile Apps for Top SitesBecause people are connected increasingly to the internet via smartphones, tablets and laptops the major sites have made sure there users can connect to them by these methods.

But there are independently produced apps too. They enhance your experience of having an account with these sites.

YouTube, for instance, has spawned several great apps, which are small programs that can do things that YouTube itself can’t, such as file your videos, edit and share them easily on social networks.

How Do the Major Sites of the World Make Money?

As with most internet commerce, the major sites make money (lots of it) from advertising (Google for example) and taking a commission from selling goods and services (like Amazon).

Take-Aways: The 10 Largest Sites in the World

  • The ten largest sites on earth in terms of user activity are (in order from biggest to less big):, Facebook, YouTube, Baidu (a Chinese search engine similar to Google), Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, QQ (a Chinese multi-purpose internet site), (India) and Twitter
  • IN 2016 internet usage via mobile phone overtook PCs and other devices
  • 2 billion people a day use the internet. About one quarter of those use the top 10 sites listed above
  • The top new ways to access the internet include Smart TV, Smart Watches, Games Consoles, Smart Wristbands

Tip: Always keep your login details safe. Be careful when you sign in on a public computer such as in the office or in an internet cafe. Best don’t. Rather use your personal mobile for signing on to internet sites when away from your own PC or laptop.

All info was correct at time of publishing