When you go to the homepage and enter your Amazon login details you are participating in a mega piece of internet history.

Amazon is a leading e-commerce company that started with a gamble. Founder Jeff Bezos, seeing the potential the Internet was opening up for business, quit a well-paying Wall Street job in 1994 to work on the business plan for his brainchild.

Amazon started out selling books. Today it sells everything that can possibly be delivered to your door

Amazon.com was initially registered as Cadabra. From its inception Bezos desired his company to be well ahead of the competition and Amazon has stayed true to this by adding to its product range every so often.

Here’s the Amazon logo – and that orange arrow thing we have shown is a skew smile — but it’s a smile 🙂


Amazon Login Information


With your Amazon login details you can get everything from fresh groceries to diapers to online TV shows online. No surprise that net sales stood at close to $90 billion in 2014.The company even has its own online payment system called Amazon Payments.

How to Sign In to Amazon

To get to the Amazon main page (also called the Home Page) type www.amazon.com into the address bar at the very top of your browser (the long narrow window). Press Enter on your keyboard. You will reach a page like this, where we show the sign in button with a blue arrow:


How to Sign In to Amazon


If you find that the button is not visible, don’t panic. Just move your cursor over the Your Account text just above where the button will be and it will appear. Don’t worry about all the options that appear below the button. All you are doing at this stage is signing in.

Now click on the button. The Sign In screen will appear, looking like this:

Amazon Login Page

Simply use the email address (or mobile number) and the password you gave when you created your account at Amazon. Then click on the Sign In button. It’s that easy. You’re in! Now you can start shopping.

Retrieving Your Amazon Login Details

If you can’t remember or can’t find your Amazon login details and are wondering what to do — don’t worry. Simply click on the Sign In button to get to the little sign in box, which, of course, you won’t be able to use because you can’t remember your details. But help is at hand. Just below the areas where you type in your details you should click on the link saying Forgot Your Password:


Retrieving Your Amazon Account Details


You will get to the following page:


Password Assistance at Amazon

Enter your password, then type in the letters and / or numbers you see in the block. (This is a Captcha code. You must go through this step so that Amazon knows you are a legitimate user and not an automated robot that is fooling around with their website.)

Press Continue.

You will then reach the following confirmation page.

A link will be sent to your email address or to your mobile phone as an SMS, depending which you used to sign up. (I used my email address to sign up so the info was sent there.)


Amazon Message Following Password Help Request


Follow the link in your email or text message to reset your password. Then follow the Sign In instructions above.

Do You Have to Sign Up to Use Amazon?


You can comfortably window shop on Amazon.com without a sign in. You can search for items, read their reviews and even compare them to similar products.

But to be able to check out or buy the item you need to be a registered Amazon user. You can securely pay for items using your credit card, PayPal or several other methods.

How to Open an Account at Amazon

To sign up type www.amazon.com into your web browser. Once the button shows (drag your cursor over the Your Account area and it will appear)  you will see a link ‘New customer? Start here’. Click on Start Here.


Opening an Amazon Account


Click on the link and you will see a page with four fields for your name, email address and password (you have to enter this twice).


Create Account at Amazon

Click on Create Your Amazon account.

That’s it. You are now registered and can start to shop.


Privacy at Amazon

Amazon works to ensure that users’ personal data is protected. The information you send to Amazon, including your bank details, is encrypted using SSL software.

However, a lot of the responsibility for the privacy of your Amazon login information rests with you. Steps like making sure you log off on a shared computer can go a long way in protecting your privacy.

What You Get

There are many reasons why billions of people from different parts of the world sign in to Amazon.com every day. First and foremost is the wide range of consumer products available for sale.

Think of any electronic gadget you want, or piece of apparel for your kid and they will have a wide selection of brands for you to choose from. Based on your shopping history, or items you’ve viewed previously, Amazon customizes its pages to suggest other items you might be interested in.

Impulse buying is easy on this website. And it only becomes harder to resist shopping when you receive notifications of deals on items you had shown interest in.Amazon Prime

As a member of Amazon Prime you get to store your photos on the Amazon cloud drive, access to Amazon’s streaming service Prime Music and many other interesting features.

Countries Where You Can Use Amazon

You can access the Amazon website from anywhere around the world. But to further customize the user experience to suit users in different regions and countries, Amazon has specific domains for some countries.

Users in the UK can use their Amazon.uk login while those in India can use their Amazon.in sign in. To improve on delivery to customers around the world, Amazon has installed fulfillment centers in cities across the US, in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India and other countries.

Regional Tip: Depending on which region you are from, the Amazon content will automatically be customized in your language. Amazon.de users will for instance see the site in German.


Amazon App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones


The Amazon App for the Android platform is called Amazon Underground. Through this you can shop for practically any product that you get on the full site, including TV shows and movies. But Amazon also Amazon Appshas its own play store separate from the Google Play Store through which you can download games and apps. It is called the Amazon Appstore.



Security and Privacy Issues


A blogger recently raised concerns that his Amazon account was inexplicably linked to his son’s despite the said son not having used his dad’s computer to sign in.

However, this is an isolated case out of hundreds of millions of users. But to be on the safe side, you can take the tips Amazon offers for strong passwords.

They recommend you use at least eight characters and mix in numbers and special characters to make it harder for someone else to guess. Amazon also gives its users tips on how to safeguard their computer systems in general from viruses and other forms of threats.

To further reassure their customers, Amazon give detailed information on how the personal data they submit is used and kept safe.


Cool Stuff to Do On Amazon


  • If you are a copious reader, get an Amazon Kindle and download thousands of books cheap.
  • If you’re a developer who has come up with an interesting, fun app, you can sell it on Amazon’s Appstore.
  • The dropdown menu under the Sign In button is a good indication of the many things you can do on Amazon

Dropdown Menu on Amazon homepage


How Does Amazon Make Money?

Like a traditional supermarket, Amazon earns a commission for providing a place for vendors of all kinds of goods and services to get a market for them.

Amazon has its own proprietary products, such as Kindle, that it sells alongside others. Amazon has media streaming services that offer both video and audio on demand. Both these have millions of paying subscribers.

Take-Aways About Amazon


  • As at May 2014 Amazon had 244 million active users
  • The membership tier Amazon Prime introduced in 2005 has 54 million users presently
  • Net sales for 2014 stood at $88.99 billion
  • In 2015 year Amazon overtook Walmart as most valuable retailer in the US
  • There are more than 2.7 million titles available in the Kindle Store


Keep Your Amazon Login Details Safe


After creating a strong password on Amazon, keep it safe and try to memorize it so you don’t need to have it written physically.


Amazon login benefits really open up the world of online shopping. It’s secure, convenient and you can find products and bargains you would never find in the brick and mortar stores around you. Sign up now to login to Amazon.