With your eBay login you are exposed to a world of products on sale and on auction. You can sell your own products there too, and even open your own eBay store.

eBay store is one of the companies that was founded during the tech bubble of the mid 1990s. Dreamed up by Pierre Omidyar, a Frenchman of Iranian descent, eBay is primarily an auction site that brings buyers and sellers together via the internet.

Omidyar’s dream to create the perfect marketplace resulted in a robust e-commerce website where buyers could find practically anything under the sun.


eBay Login Information for All


Whether you’re looking for a rare music CD or parts for a forklift, you will find them on eBay. If you were doubtful as to whether the San Jose-based company is still a force in the online retail business, check out these eBay numbers:

  • 157 million users
  • 25 million sellers
  • 11 million searches for items every hour

Back in 2002 eBay bought online payment platform Paypal to make payment easier and more secure for its customers.


How to Sign In to eBay

Type www.ebay.com into your browser window. You will get the eBay homepage. It is quite hard to find the eBay login area. Look on the top left-hand side to find it:


How to Sign in to eBay


Click on the Sign In link (highlighted in blue). You will reach eBay’s sign in screen which looks like this:


New Look eBay Sign In Page

Enter the email address or the username you gave when you signed up for your eBay account. Then enter your password. That’s it! You are now logged into your eBay account.


Retrieving Your eBay Login Details

In the event you’ve forgotten your eBay login password you simply need to go to the eBay homepage. While there select the ‘forgot my password’ link shown as follows:


eBay Forgot Password Link

Click on the Forgot your password? link. You will be taken to this page:

Resetting Your Password on eBay


Enter username or email address linked to your eBay account and click Next. If that doesn’t work out, you have the two options as per the above form – registering for a new account or contacting eBay customer service. Just click on the applicable link and follow the instructions.


Why You Have to Sign Up

You can login to eBay as a visitor and browse through the gazillion products there, reading reviews and looking at similar items. But to be able to bid on items on auction or buy those with fixed prices, you must be a registered user.

As an account holder you will also be able to keep tabs on items you’re interested in buying in the future.


How to Sign Up at eBay

The good news is that signing up to eBay is free and easy. Simply go to the registration page and enter your email address and a username of your choice.

When you type www.ebay.com in your browser it will bring you to the login page where you will be able to sign in or register. You need to click on the Register link, highlighted in blue, as shown below.


eBay Register Link on Homepage


Click on the Register link. You will be taken to the eBay registration page which looks like this:


Registration Form on eBay


Complete the fields (couldn’t be simpler, could it?) then click on the Register button. After that you will  be greeted by name and you will have the opportunity to customize your username as follows:

Greeted by Name at eBay


Privacy at eBay

As part of its contract with users of the site, eBay assures them that they do not sell or share their personal information with third parties for marketing purposes.

eBay also promises to investigate users who misuse the window for member-to-member communication that is meant to facilitate transactions.

They also employ technology like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and encryption to keep user data safe. You can do your part by ensuring you log out if you’re accessing eBay from a shared computer.


What You Get When You Login to eBay

Having an eBay sign in allows you to not only browse through items on the site, but to follow through to make a purchase.

No matter where you are or which computer or mobile device you use your eBay login details on, when eBay on a Smart Phoneyou go to My eBay, you will be able to access all your eBay information.

You will be able to access your past activities on eBay (items bought and sold, status of purchases, etc) saved searches and also view the status of items you had put on your watch list.

You will able to communicate directly with the seller of an item in case you have issues during the process of purchasing and shipping the product. In addition to this you will be able to engage with the larger eBay community and exchange views and receive advise.


Countries Where You Can Use eBay

Anywhere you can access the Internet is a place you can use your My eBay login. The only place you will not be able to login is a place with restricted Internet access like China.

There was a time about a year ago when a technical hitch caused the site to be inaccessible from parts of the US, India and Europe but the issue was resolved.

Regional Tip: You can use your eBay sign in to log into eBay sites on different domains e.g. eBay.co.uk. There may be products there that you won’t find on eBay.com or they may be more reasonably priced. If you’re in Europe, products sourced there will ship faster than from the other side of the Atlantic.


eBay App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

eBay App

You can download the eBay app from the Google Play Store if you have an Android phone. There is also one on the Apple App Store that users of Apple devices can download and one on the Microsoft Store of Windows device owners.

An upgraded version of the app was recently launched to further ease the shopping experience on the go.







Security and Privacy Issues

In May 2014 eBay suffered a much-publicized security breach in which a hacker was able to gain access to the eBay login database holding usernames, passwords and email addresses.

This prompted the company to send an urgent email to users advising them to change their passwords as soon as possible. Despite this, eBay reported that there had been no attempts to conduct unauthorized activity with eBay login details.

To keep a recurrence of this from happening eBay has put in place technological measures to better protect user data. Furthermore, eBay users can adjust a number of privacy settings to reassure themselves.


Cool Stuff To Do On eBay

How to Sell on eBayWhat could be cooler than having a limitless range of products at your fingertips, shopping at your leisure and having them delivered right to your doorstep? And if you happen to bid at the right moment you could save a lot.



How Does eBay Make Money?

If you want to sell items on eBay, they will let you sell your first 50 items for free but subsequently they will charge you a 10% commission on each transaction. There are extra charges if you would like to entice your customers with larger images and longer descriptions.


Take-Aways About eBay

  • As at March 2015 eBay had 157 million users
  • 25 million sellers are listed on eBay
  • Users have 19,000 deals at their disposal every day
  • As at October 2015 the eBay app had been downloaded 279 million times
  • One of the weirdest things ever sold on eBay was a single Illinois cornflake that went for $1350
  • One of the most expensive item ever sold was the 23 acre village of Bridgeville, California which sold for $1.77 million


Keep Your eBay Login Details Safe

Be sure to log off from your account whenever you’re using a shared computer and keep your eBay login details in a safe place.



When looking to buy or sell anything at all, login to eBay first. You will probably be surprised.