Just about every adult in the Western world goes to the Facebook login page each day to sign in to the world’s largest social network.

At the end of January 2016, Facebook announced it had 1.59 billion active users. Just over 1 billion users sign in daily. In December 2015, 1.44 billion users signed in to Facebook on mobile devices.

Facebook login is free of charge, borderless, international and replaces phones and even email. Why wouldn’t people love to sign in and use it?

Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook. He got his inspiration for the name from Harvard’s freshman yearbook which was known as Freshman Facebook.

The year book was jam-packed with entertaining information and photographs about students and their activities. So Facebook online was an extension of that.

Facebook Login

Zuckerberg could not have known that the concept would grow exponentially to make him one of richest men on earth.

The listed company launched in a highly publicized IPO in 2012. It was the largest tech IPO in history.

Facebook Login – How to Sign In to Facebook


Facebook Login Example


Facebook Login – Retrieving Your Details

If you can’t sign in to Facebook because you have forgotten your password, just click on Forgot Your Password below the login box and follow the instructions. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Forgot Password


Facebook Login – Why You Have to Sign Up First

Personal accounts are essential to the Facebook platform. Your circle of friends is simply the linking of all your accounts. You can make your account public or private.

To sign up, simply go to Facebook’s homepage where you’ll see a sign-up form under the Facebook login area. Join up using a valid e-mail address. Sign up with the name you’re known by.

For Facebook login, you will also need a password. Use a non-sequential mix of letters and numbers for your password to make it more secure. Also, enter your date of birth.

Signing up at Facebook

How to Sign Up for Facebook

Go to www.facebook.com. Immediately you will see the little sign-up form. Complete each field and submit the form to open a Facebook account. It’s totally free of charge.

To be eligible to sign up for Facebook, you must be at least 13 years old. You can sign in with a different account once you have logged out of another one.

Privacy at Facebook

You need to behave yourself at Facebook, just like you would at a party among friends. Here are Facebook’s guidelines to keeping your stuff decent and private.

If you operate your account properly you should get nothing but fun out of Facebook, so stick to the rules. Don’t do anything there that would make your mum ashamed.

What you Get

You can’t see anything if you don’t sign in to Facebook, just the homepage. But once you are logged in you can start connecting with friends to share videos, pics and messages both private and public, where everyone in your circle can see them. Chat privately with Facebook Messenger and have people leave messages on your wall.

You can have limitless friends on Facebook, but there is a discussion about creating an acquaintance category as well. After all, you can’t have 30 000 intimate friends.

You can fill your profile page with all kinds of information, keeping everyone updated on things you want them to know about. The ‘News Feed’ which is found on every user’s page announces upcoming events as well as people’s birthdays.

You can choose to “Like” anything on Facebook by clicking the “Like” icon.

Facebook Like

Businesses can create Facebook pages to publicize their goods and services, and celebrities and band can create pages.

You are not obliged to befriend anyone on the site and can block anyone at any time.

Countries Where You Can Use Facebook

Anyone on earth can use Facebook legally – unless you are in China, where it is banned. You can’t login from there.

Even so with satellite communications millions of Chinese are signing in illegally.

Other than China you can legally sign in from any country once you have an account.

Regional Tip: Some pages on Facebook are for different regions. To switch the version of the page you’re looking at, right click on the Page’s cover photo, select ‘switch region’ and choose the country you want as your default for the page and then click on ‘save preference. If you ‘Like’ a page, you’ll see updates from that country.

Typical Facebook Page — Dave Taylor’s Page


Typical Facebook Page

Facebook App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

Facebook’s mission is to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to it.

Facebook developers have made the social network site available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile as well as Java-enabled mobile phones.

Facebook has entered in to an agreement with some global telephone companies to allow users 90 days of free data to try Facebook with every phone.

Cool Stuff to Do on Facebook

Get involved in games like Candy Crush. Your friends will all be talking about on what level they’re on and what tips there are to move to the next riveting level.

Candy Crush on Facebook

Security and Privacy Issues

While most Facebookers find it perfectly safe to log in to Facebook, others are a little more disillusioned. In 2013 many users quit the site saying they had privacy concerns.

The social media site does have privacy settings you can adjust. It is wise not to go publishing your home address and other personal information because there are always malicious people looking to abuse the site.

You wouldn’t give your bank details out to just anyone. You should feel the same about our social networking account too.

If you forget your password, you can go to the Facebook login screen, and at the top right hand you’ll see ‘Forgot you Password?’ Type in your email address, click on ‘search’ and follow the instructions provided on-screen.

How Does Facebook Make Money?

The advertising that appears on the pages is responsible for Facebook’s daily millions of dollars income.

Take-Aways About Facebook

  • 50,000 people sign in to Facebook every second
  • Like and Share buttons appear on over 20 million websites
  • Young people love Facebook, with most users aged between 24 and 39
  • The country with the most active Facebook users is Canada
  • 15 people a minute join Facebook
  • 66% of teenage girls claim that they have been bullied on Facebook
  • People spend 927 million hours a month playing addictive Facebook games such as Candy Crush
  • There are one million people ‘liking’ something on Facebook every minute
  • Facebook generated $72.1 billion in sales in 2015
  • Although employers don’t allow it, some 30% of Americans use Facebook during the work day
  • Rihanna is the most popular person on Facebook

Keep Your Face Book Login Details Safe

Don’t share your sign in details and change your password regularly.


Even if you decide to be just an observer on Facebook, without adding any comments, photos or posts, it’s worth signing up and signing in just to watch what other people are doing 🙂