FB, short for Facebook, is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. As at September 2015, the site had more than 1.55 billion people actively using the FB login screen.

Go to the remotest corners of the globe and chances are you will find someone updating their FB status.

Everyone uses Facebook – individuals, businesses and groups. Facebook is important in every walk of life, from hobbies to politics, family connections and dating.

Facebook is the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, a project he and a few fellow Harvard College students started in 2004.

FB Login


They initially made it to connect students to each other but soon the network expanded to include students of Stanford and the Ivy League colleges.

From a simple networking tool between students, FB grew into a global company with users in every corner of the planet. The company’s market capitalization now stands at $300 billion.


How to Sign In to FB

To sign in to your FB account simply type www.facebook.com into the address bar at the top of your browser. Then press Enter on your keyboard. The Facebook homepage will come up, with the following area at the top:


Facebook Login Example

Type in your email address or phone number (depending on which one you signed up with in the beginning) and enter your password (which you also created at registration). The click on the Login button. That’s it! you have arrived at your account.


Retrieving Your FB Login Details

Unable to log in to your account because you have forgotten your FB login details? There are a number of ways to get your FB login details back in depending on what exactly you don’t have. If you have forgotten your user name, you can login using your email address, provided it’s linked to your Facebook account.

You can also use your telephone number to log in. Should you be missing your password, login to www.facebook.com and click on the ‘forgot your password?’ link on the right (see illustration below). Follow the instructions given.


Forgot Password


 Why You Have to Sign Up

You cannot enjoy any of the features that give FB its flavor if you are not a registered user. No updating your status, no chatting, no viewing the profiles of other users.


How to Sign Up at Facebook

You don’t even need to type the full www.facebook.com in your browser to bring up the sign up page. Even if you just enter FB.com you will be taken to the main page.

Here you will find fields requesting your names, email address and date of birth. You will also be asked to choose a user name and password for your new account.

The good news is that signing up is easy, after opening the FB login page, simply fill in the required fields, including that of your email address, names and birthday. Here is how the screen looks:


Signing up at Facebook
When filling in a password make sure you select a strong password that is hard to guess. This will keep prying intruders from accessing your account.

Privacy at Facebook

The beauty of FB is that you can choose how much of your profile you want other users to see. If you change the settings to private, only friends will be able to see your profile.

You can choose to keep friends from posting stuff on your wall by adjusting your privacy settings.

What You Get?

Once you have signed up to Facebook you will have everything to keep in touch with friends and relatives as often as you want.

Start off a conversation by posting pictures or video of your latest developments or fun things you did on the weekend. Or simply use the ‘status’ field to tell the world how you feel. Below is the FB page of someone you may have heard of…


Barack Obamas FB Page

You can use the chat feature to communicate with friends in real time no matter which time zone they are in. Through FB you can also keep up with the latest news from your favorite celebrity or sports team. All you need to do is ‘like’ their page.

If you have a company you can advertise your products or services by creating a Facebook page for free.

Countries Where Can You Use Facebook?

There are no geographic limitations with FB and you can use it practically anywhere in the world. The only limitation is in countries that have restricted access to the Internet. China is the country that comes to mind first when you think of restricted access to the Internet.

Regional Tip: Depending on your geographic location, you can change the language settings to customize your account to the language you understand best. The translation feature is thanks to Bing Translator. There is also a ‘switch region’ button that will give you localized features not seen in pages accessed from other regions.

Facebook App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

You can access your account wherever you are thanks to the Facebook app for Android and the one for iOS devices. This app is available for free in the Google Play Store and you can use it to perform most of the functions you do on the full website.

You can view your timeline, update your status, chat, play video etc. The beauty of the app is you get instant notifications on the go, allowing you to respond faster and be a better friend.

Security and Privacy Issues

From time to time there have been hacks on individual Facebook accounts and before their owners know it, obscene images and video have been posted on their walls and walls of their friends.

This is something that has been happening for the past few years especially affecting those users who are not very active on their accounts.

Thee also have been complaints in time past of Facebook using photos posted by users for its own private purposes without obtaining permission form users.

Quite a few users stripped off their profile pictures when this story emerged. There are some steps you can take to safeguard your FB account including not sharing your password with others. Be sure you log out of your account if you’re using a shared computer.

Cool Stuff to Do on FB

There are several games you can play online in Facebook including the highly addictive Candy Crush. The social site has largely improved their video feature and now more and more upcoming and established artists are using FB’s video to showcase their work.


Candy Crush on Facebook

How Does FB Make Money?

There are paid-for ads for which Facebook charges advertisers. These ads appear on users’ timelines based on what FB perceives are their interests.

Take-Aways From FB

  • From just 5 college kids at its inception, Facebook now employs close to 12,000 people.
  • FB has more than 1 billion daily active users.
  • Over 80% of Facebook’s daily active users are outside North America.
  • The average American spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook

Keep Your FB Login Details Safe

Like you would never share your ATM PIN number, never share your FB login details, especially your password. Make sure it is as hard for intruders to guess as possible.


The world is passing you by if you don’t have a Facebook account. Even if you are not active and just use your FB login to see what other people are doing, it’s worthwhile to have. And it’s free !