When you go to the Gmail login page, you are going to a Google service page.

Gmail is one of the many services offered by California-based giant tech company Google. When this email service first came to users on April 2004, it was a test version that you had to be invited to join.

Today it is world’s premier free email service.

Rajen Sheth first pitched the idea to Google CEO Eric Schmidt earlier in that year. Paul Buchheit had the task of developing the service.

Gmail Logo With Envelopes

The growth since then has been phenomenal; there are more than 900 million Gmail users today.

The Gmail app for mobile (a piece of code that allows cell phone users to use Google login easily) is among the most downloaded in the world; in 2014 it became the first ever app in the Google Play Store to be installed in one billion Android devices.


How to Sign In

To get to the Gmail login page type following into your browser: www.gmail.com. You will be taken to a page something like the page illustrated below. The login area is on the top right of the page. Press the Sign In button to continue.

Gmail Login Page

You will then be taken to Google’s master sign in page where you sign in for all the Google products that interest you — and they are many. They range from YouTube to Google Earth etc. The Google main login page looks like this:

Gmail Login Box


Enter your email address, which can be your Gmail address or another one. Then press the Next button. You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Gmail Password Box


The email address you gave will appear in the area that we have blacked out. Enter the password you created when you originally signed up for Google products, including Gmail, and then press the Sign In button.

Tip: try to hold just one Google account otherwise you will go in circles trying to access the correct account.


Retrieving Your Gmail Login Details

If you have forgotten your password and need to access your Gmail login area, type www.gmail.com in your browser like you normally do.

Click the Sign In button.

Enter your email address as you would but instead of keying in your password, click the Need Help link as seen below.


Gmail Need Help


Here you will be given some options through which you can recover your account.

Having Trouble Signing in to Google

Tick the appropriate option, then click on the Continue button. Google will take you through the process whereby you can recover your Gmail login details.

These might include answering a recovery question, having a link sent to an alternative email address or a code sent to your mobile phone.


Why You Should Sign Up for Gmail

To be able to access your mailbox you have to be a registered Gmail user; there are no two ways about it. Just like with snail mail, Gmail has to have a way of associating you with a specified mail address. Only by creating a Google account will you be able to take advantage of the free and reliable Gmail service.


Privacy at Gmail

Your privacy as a Gmail user is largely up to you. Make sure you keep your Gmail sign-in details, especially your password, safe. If you are using a shared computer always be sure to uncheck the automatic sign in box before you click ‘sign in’.

Respect the privacy of other users, especially your contacts by only using the chat facility if they’re able and willing to chat.


What You Get

After you’re signed up and logged in to Gmail, you will enjoy a host of features. Besides your mail, you will be able to chat in real time with contacts who are logged into Gmail at the same time as you.

One of the features that sets Gmail apart from other mail services is its sorting feature which helps you sort your mail by type.The sorting and spam-filtering capabilities have made it such that only 0.05% of wanted mail ends up in the spam folder.

Here is a typical list of messages you will see in your Inbox:

Typical List of Gmail Messages

Most mail services have apps to enable you to receive and send mail on the go from your smart phone, but the Gmail app ranks among the most user-friendly and efficient. Small wonder it is one of the most downloaded applications in the world.

 Download Gmail App


Countries Where You Can Use Gmail

You can access Gmail.com from any computer that is connected to the Internet from just about anywhere in the world. The only worry is in countries like China where Internet access is restricted.

But even in China, people lease VPN connections to be able to access the global Internet though this is illegal.

Regional Tip: Gmail offers robust language support so users who read and write in languages other than English can comfortably use the service. The Gmail display is currently available in 73 languages including Chinese, Afrikaans, French, Mongolian and Arabic.

How to Sign Up for the Gmail Service

When you go to Gmail.com, you will be presented with the Gmail login screen. Here you will have the option of signing in or creating an account.

Gmail Login Page


When you click the ‘Create an Account’ option you will be guided to a Google form with several fields requesting personal information such as your names, gender, date of birth and current email address. You will need to select a unique user name and a strong password for your account.  It’s free of charge to open a Google/ Gmail account.

The Google / Gmail account creation page looks like this:


Gmail Account Creation Page


Important: If you have a Google account but not a Gmail account, and you try to sign in on the Gmail login page, you won’t be able to. Instead, you will get this page, with your details filled in already where the blacked out areas are. Just go ahead and create your Gmail account.


Signing Up for Gmail


Gmail App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

Whether you’re the owner of an Android device or one that runs on iOS, you will be able to access your Gmail by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Even if you have a phone that is on Symbian, you can still be able to find a Gmail app. Among the features that make this app more user-friendly are its search feature and the ease of switching between different accounts.


Security and Privacy Issues

As long as you’re careful not to share your password, your Gmail account should be completely secure. When you type in www.gmail.com on your address bar, you will notice that the http: prefix will change to https: which means you’re on a secure connection.

On top of this Gmail automatically scans all incoming and outgoing mail for viruses offers.

Attachments are also scanned before they are opened or downloaded. A robust spam-filtering feature ensures unsolicited mails are confined to the spam folder and that mail marked as spam is not allowed to stay in your mailbox more than 30 days.


Cool Stuff to Do on Gmail

  • If you would like to send a broadcast to many email addresses, Gmail allows you to create a group and fire the email to them.
  • As mentioned earlier, if you have a friend who is accessing their Gmail account simultaneously and their chat status is available, you can chat.
  • Once signed up for Gmail, you can use the same sign-in details for a YouTube account. You can also use the same credentials to access files on Google Docs or Google Docs.


How Does Gmail Make Money?

When you’re in your Gmail account, you will notice some ads that appear at the top of your inbox. There are also apps on the mobile interface. When users click on those ads, Google gets paid.This is how Gmail makes money for Google.


Take-Aways About Gmail

  • As at June 2015, there were 900 million Gmail users.
  • By mid-2014 the Gmail app had been downloaded a billion times from the Google Play Store
  • As at mid-2015, 75% of Gmail’s users accessed their mailbox from a mobile device.
  • It’s free


Keep Your Gmail Login Details Safe

Maintain a strong password and change it regularly.



Join the tens of millions of world citizens who sign in to Gmail every day to collect their electronic mail. Use Gmail as a useful free secondary address if you already have an email service.