When you go to your Google account, you are using your passport to the world.

The Google search engine was the idea of two PhD students at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, hatched back in 1996.

They thought about a way to revolutionize internet searches using a technology they named PageRank (named after Larry Page). Instead of basing the results of a search solely on the number of times a word appeared on a page, they factored in the relationship between websites.

Google Account

From this simple start, the idea grew into a company that attracted millions of dollars in investment. By 2016 more than a 1.2 billion people were using Google, making 1.2 trillion searches a day.

How to Sign in to Google

Type www.google.com into your browser window and press “Enter”. You will get the following page:

Google Sign In Page
Once you have entered your email address and pressed “next” you will be taken to this form:

Password Page
In the blacked-out area, your email address will appear. Add your password, which you provided when you signed up, and then press the Sign In button. You will be logged into your Google account right away.

Retrieving Your Google Account Details

Whenever you are unable to login to your Google account because you have forgotten your password or for any other reason, it’s time to turn to Google for help. On the Google login page you will see the following just below the areas where you sign in:

Need Help Form at GooglePress the “Need Help” button to get password assistance. You will be taken to the following screen:


Need Help Selection at Google

Select your issue and Google. If it’s your password or username you are after, Google will send instructions to your email address on how to retrieve and reset these. If you are having other problems with the Google login area, Google will present you with some challenges and solutions so you can fix the issue.

Why You Should Sign Up

It is possible to use Google to perform searches without signing up. But signing up with Google you to have quick and easy access to a vast range of products on Google – products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Plus and YouTube

If you do there will be a customized Google doodle waiting for you on the home page on your birthday 🙂

Privacy at Google

As a Google user, you entrust the site with quite a bit of personal data. Google, however, guarantees users the safety of their information backed by some of the most advanced technological infrastructures.

When using Google’s browser, it warns you when you attempt to access suspicious sites so you can skip out. To further guarantee the safety of users’ data, information is encrypted.

What you Get

As earlier mentioned, as a registered user with Google you will have access to not only Gmail but social media platforms such as YouTube. Signed up YouTube users can not only view videos but make comments on them. If you upload popular videos, you can make money from them too.

Google Products

You will also be able to upload your videos. You will also be able to use Google’s cloud storage facilities Google Docs and Google Drive to send and receive files.

When signed into Gmail you will be able to not only send and receive mail; you will be able to chat with your contacts when they’re online.

Where You Can Use Google

You can access Google from anywhere in the world as long as you’re not in China. But even there people have found a way to circumvent the restrictions by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This private, encrypted connection will allow you to disguise your IP address. Depending on the VPN you opt for, you may have to pay up to $10 per month.

Regional Tip: With Google products like YouTube users are allowed to restrict access to content by geographic location, and for this reason, you may not be able to watch some videos on the platform.

How to Sign Up at Google

Here’s how to open a Google account for everything:

Type www.google.com into your browser and press enter. You will see this, with the Create Account link indicated. Click on that link:

Create an Account at Google

When you go to the Create Account page, you will be prompted for a few personal details. By completing the form and typing in the Captcha, you will have created your account. The arrow on the diagram below indicates the benefits of having a Google account. Tip: try to have one account only. Life becomes very complicated if you have to keep switching between accounts.

Google Signup Page

Here you will get a form with fields requesting your name, gender and other personal information. Once you have filled all the essential data and submitted it, you will be informed that your account has been created.

Google App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

Google has betted big on mobile, the clearest indicator of which is the company’s investment in the Android mobile operating system. On top of making this robust platform, Google has created mobile apps for all its products that are available on both Android and Apple’s iOS. There is an app for Gmail, an app for YouTube and one for Google Search.

Security and Privacy Issues

With all the personal data Google stores on its users, you would be right to be concerned about security and privacy. But since Google began encrypting data on the servers in its data centers, security has become less of an issue.

Another measure Google undertook to safeguard their users’ data was to acquire web security firm Postini in 2007. Using their technology Google was able to filter spam and malware better.

Even with all the measures, Google has put in place, if you are careless with your account data, there is little that can be done to protect your data from prying eyes. With this in mind, small steps like creating a strong password and keeping it to yourself are very important.

Cool Stuff to Do on Google

While you’re subscribed to Google be sure to try out its music streaming service Google Play Music. It offers you a database of more than 35 million songs to listen to from your computer or mobile device.


How Does Google Make Money

The main way Google makes money is advertisements. There are ads you see popping up on the screen when using YouTube. Google AdWords bring the company a lot of revenue.

Take Aways About Google

  • In 2014 Google raked in $66 billion
  • The first major investment into Google was $100,000 in 1998
  • Google has 70 offices in 40 different countries
  • Since 2010 Google has been acquiring more than one company a week
  • You can enjoy nifty real-time views of planet earth on Google Maps when you zoom out completely

Keep Your Google Login Details Safe

Make sure you memorize your Google password and not write it down. Don’t be tempted into giving out your login details to anyone.


It is best to create a single account at Google. This opens up all Google products to you. With one Google account, the sign in process is easy, and you aren’t constantly ly being asked which account you want to use 🙂