Google Earth online is a bird’s eye view of the world in 3D. Anyone with an internet connection has access to Google Earth.

The Earth is mapped on the website using aerial photography, satellite imagery and geographic information system (GIS), super-imposed onto a 3D globe.

What is Google Earth?

Keyhole Inc sold the site to Google and Google Earth online made its first public appearance in June 2005.

Its use of geospatial technologies and applications captured the imagination of the public.

Sitting in the comfort of their homes, visitors to the website can view satellite image displays of the Earth’s surface, as well as a bird’s eye view of cities and buildings.

Google Earth Online

Image resolution ranges from 15 meters to 15 centimetres, giving visitors a three dimension view of almost the entire Earth.

How to sign into Google Earth or Google Earth Pro

Anyone can use Google Earth online, provided they have an internet connection and any of the following devices:

  • PC for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac – Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
  • Linux – LSB 4.1 (Linux Standard Base) libraries

To download copy and paste the following link into your browser

Google Earth Online

Before installing Google Earth online you must agree to their Privacy Policy

Make sure you read their terms of service

Now press the “Agree and Download” button illustrated with an arrow at the bottom-left of the page

Google Earth Online

This page will pop up

Press the “Save File” button as indicated

Google Earth Online

Once the data has been saved press the “Run” button as illustrated to download the program

Google Earth Online

By opening the file you can watch the progress of the download

Once completed, it will begin to install Google Earth onto your computer

Problems with Google Earth Online

Any problems you experience with Google Earth online can be quickly resolved

Copy and paste the following link into your browser

You will be taken back to the download page

Google Earth Online

At the top of the page press the “Connect” button as illustrated

The screen will now give you various options, seen on the right-hand side of the page

Here you can stay up-to-date by:

Adding Google Earth to your Google+ circles

Signing up for the Google Earth Sightseer Newsletter

Follow Google Earth on Twitter

Or you can receive help with your questions on the Google Earth Help Forum.

Simply click the sub-menu matching your query to begin your problem-solving issues.

Why you have to sign up

Google Earth collects data from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, enabling a three-dimensional view of almost the entire globe.

Google Earth Online


According to its terms of service, Google users may not:

  • Redistribute, sell or recreate any part of Google Maps/Google Earth
  • Copy content without permission
  • Mass download or create bulk feeds of content
  • Use Google Maps/Google Earth to create or augment any other mapping-related dataset
  • Do anything inappropriate, illegal, or in violation of others’ rights (including their privacy, publicity, and intellectual property rights)

What you get

Here are just a few of the awesome features available on Google Earth:

Street View

This provides 360-degree panoramic street-level views, allowing users to view parts of selected cities at ground level.

Google Ocean

This feature gives users a three-dimensional view of what lies below the waves and contains information by leading scientists and oceanographers.


This feature allows users to monitor traffic speeds in real-time.


Google Earth is available in most countries worldwide

However is does not operate in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan and almost all Arab countries.

Mobile, android, iPhone and smartphone

You can download Google Earth on mobile, android, iPhones and smartphone devices.

Type this link into your device

The following page will appear

Click on the download button applicable to your device

For this example, we used the Android Download

Click the install button

This page will now appear on your screen

Your email address will automatically appear when indicated with the arrow

Enter your password as circled

Then click the “Next” button

If you have forgotten your password, as shown on the bottom-left of the page, click that and Google will email you with instructions on how to reset your password

Google will now ask how to reach you should they detect any unusual activity on your account

Your mobile number will appear in the block indicated by the small red arrow

Should you wish to change the number, click the Edit button and fill in the new details

Your email address will appear in the block with the large red arrow

Should you wish to change your email address, click the edit button and fill in your new email address

Once completed, press “Done”

Your download will now begin

Simply follow the instructions as described earlier in this article

Security and privacy issues

To ensure user security, Google encourages visitors to their site to only open web addresses beginning with https.

The company also employs stringest regulatory controls to main the security of all user-accounts.

Cool stuff to do on Google Earth Online

Google Earth is a totally addictive site that can take you to:

  • Mars
  • A walk on the Moon
  • Visit the destination of your next planned holiday
  • Fly over cities on a flight simulator
  • Dive into the ocean and visit shipwrecks

These are just a few of the wonderful adventures you can enjoy on Google Earth.

How does Google Earth make money?

Google Earth is part of the Google stable that makes money – and lots of it – out of advertising.

Takeaways about Google Earth

In April 2017, Google Earth 9 was released after being in development for two years.

This version  has new features such as “Voyager” that allows visitors to take guided tours with leading personalities and scientists.

Another new feature is “I’m Feeling Lucky” where visitors are taken to random locations on earth.

Keep you login details safe

  • Never choose the same password for your online accounts. It’s like giving a criminal access to your home, car and office.
  • It is not a bad idea to write down your passwords, but if you do so keep your notes hidden from prying eyes.
  • The more complicated the password, the more difficult it becomes to hack. Adding mixed-case letters, numbers and symbols makes it even more difficult for snoops to guess or crack your password.
  • You will need a way to get back into your account if you forget your password or get locked out. Most services will send an email to your recovery email address if you need to reset your password, so always keep your email address updated.
  • One of the most simple and reliable methods to safeguard your account is to add a mobile phone number to your profile. You will then receive a text message with a code which you will have to type in to retrieve your account details.