If you have text in a language you can’t understand, you no longer need to hire the services of a professional translator. You can simply turn to Google Translate – a free, instant online translation service.

Here you can get a quick translation of any text in up to 90 languages to the one you best understand.

The Google translator appears as a simple page with a space where you can type or paste your text and buttons to select source and destination languages.


Some Users of Google Translate

People the world over use the Google Translation Service


The translation serviced was launched in 2006 and initially used rule-based machine translation. About two years later it was reintroduced as a statistical machine translation service.

Now you can use the Googletranslate mobile app to speak and understand foreign languages at the push of a button.

Google Translate Logo


How to Sign In to Google Translate

Type the words Google Translate into the address bar (the very long, narrow bar at the top of your browser page). Then press Enter on your keyboard. You will get a set of search results. The first one will be Google Translate for your country (in the example below the country in South Africa). The search result page looks something like this:

Getting to Google Translate on the Internet

You will notice that you can get a quick translation by using the boxes just above the search results. This is not the same thing as signing in to the Google translation service though. There are a lot more benefits to be had by signing into your Google account to use Translate.

Click on the Google Translate link as above. You will be taken to this page:

 Google Translate Page Prior to Signing In
The bracketed area you can use without signing into Google. That will be sufficient for most of your purposes.

However, if you want to reap the benefits of Google’s full translation service and even get involved in maintaining it, then sign in to your Google account.

Google Translate is one of the services offered by tech giant Google and uses the same login for your Gmail, YouTube and other Google services.

The Sign In button is indicated with an arrow above. Click on that to sign in. Because the translation service falls under Google you will be taken to the Google sign in page as follows:


Google Translate Sign In Page


Enter the email address you used when you signed up for a Google account, then click on the Next button. You will be taken to the password page as follows;


Google Translate Password Page

Enter the password you created when you signed up with Google and click on the Sign In button or press the Enter key on your keyboard. Now you are logged into Google’s translation service.


Retrieving Your Details

If you lose your login details or can’t find them all is not lost. Go to the sign in page as above. Enter your email address. You will see a blue link called Forgot Password just below the Sign In button (see below).
Google Translate Password Help Page


By clicking on the Forgot Password link you will be taken to the following screen:

Google Translate Lost Password Screen Options

Click on the appropriate radio button then click on Continue. You will be taken through the process for retrieving your Google Translate radio buttons.


Why You Should Sign Up at Google Translate

If all you need is a basic text translation you can do so even without being a Google Translate member.

But there are a number of other additional services members benefit from including the Google Translator Toolkit.This is a product that is useful to professional translators for organizing projects and access to tools such as glossaries.

As a signed-up user you will also be able to interact with other translators in the Translate Community as well as use the Website Translator, which allows you to put your content in any of the 90 languages Google Translate.


How to Sign Up At Google Translate

When you load the Google Translate home page https://translate.google.co.za/ you will see the Sign In button at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Google Translate Sign In Button

When you click on Sign In you will be taken to the Google master sign in page. If you do have an existing Google account, simply use your access details. If not, then you have to open a Google account that will give you access to all Google products.  On that page you will find the Create Account option as follows:

Google Translate Create Account Button

Click on Create Account. You will be taken to the following page, where you need to complete the form. Also type in what you see in the Captcha image for security purposes. Then click on Next Step, which will assist you to complete the process:


Google Account Signup Page


Privacy at Google Translate

To help tailor searches and ads to users’ preferences, Google Translate, like other Google services, uses cookies, which are pieces of code placed on your computer to help them track your usage. However, they make this clear in a notification at the top of the site, giving the users a chance to enable or disable cookies.

Google Translate is also covered by Google’s Privacy Policy which details which data Google collects from its user and how it is used.


What You Get from Google Translation

Every user, whether signed-up or not, gets to use the translator that appears on the Google Translate home page. But to be able to save your translations in the phrase book you have to be signed in.

When you sign up you can also enter the Translate Community where you get to contribute to Google Translate by helping translate phrases into your local language or validating texts. For this Google has various levels of rewards.

In addition to this you will have access to the Translator Toolkit, a collection of tools that are handy for professionals in the translation field.

From your Google Translate home page you can access your accounts on all other Google services from the search engine to your Google Plus profile. (You Google Plus page is your author profile.)


Countries Where You Can Use Google Translate

If you have an Internet connection then you can access Google, and if you can access Google you can access Googletranslate among its other services. Only in countries where there are restrictions to Internet access imposed by the government will you be unable to use Google Translate.

The country with the most stringent restriction is China but there are others where authorities block selected we70 Languages on Goolge Translatebsites including Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Burma.

Regional Tip: Google Translator tailors the results for the text-to-speech function according to the region of the computer or device requesting. For example if you are in Puerto Rico and key in a phrase in Spanish, the audio will be produced with a Latin American accent.


Google Translate App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

Since 2010 the service has had an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. This application can do translationGoogle Translate App Logo for up to 90 languages like the one built for the browser.
On top of this you can translate voice input for 15 languages. You can upload a photo and the Google Translate app will translate it into up to 37 languages. Real-time video input can also be translated into 27 languages currently.


Security and Privacy Issues

The cookies that Google deposits on your computer enable it to make the content it offers you through Google Translate region-specific. These cookies are used to collect information about you that help Google tailor its products according to your preferences.

If you don’t wish your privacy to be invaded to this extent, Google offers you the option to not enable the cookies. However this will affect the quality of your experience on Google Translate.

Any information Google collects about you is subject to the company’s privacy policy which you should familiarize yourself with before signing up.

To further guarantee your privacy while using this service you should keep from sharing your Google account password with anyone.


Cool Stuff To Do On Google Translate


Cool Feature of Google Translate

If you’re in a foreign country and see something that you need to ask about in the local language, you can use the Google Translate app to immediately discover its name.

Simply launch the app, set the language you need the results in and point your phone’s camera at it.


How Does Google Translate Make Money?

There is a premium version of the Google Translate API that users have to pay 5 cents (US) per page for. Other than that Google Translate is free.


Take-Aways About Google Translate

  • Google Translate currently is available for 90 languages
  • More than 200 million people use Google Translate daily
  • The Google Dictionary tool was discontinued in August 2011


Keep Your Google Translate Login Details Safe

Never share your Google password or leave your sign-on on a shared computer. This will give intruders access to all your Google accounts.



Just as Wikipedia has replaced physical sets of encyclopedias, so Google Translation is replacing physical dictionaries. Sign in to Google and get used to it!