If you are desperately searching for the Hotmail login page, don’t despair. It’s not anything you are doing wrong!

Hotmail has moved and its name has changed too. It is now called Outlook.

Yes, Hotmail was a famous free webmail service – one of the first. It was founded way back in internet history (1996) by two entrepreneurs Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in Mountain View, California.

Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997 for about $400 million and relaunched as MSN Hotmail. Then it was called Windows Live Hotmail.

Outlook.com replaced Hotmail in 2013. Today Outlook, aka Hotmail, has half a billion users.

Hotmail Login Becomes Outlook Login

Using Outlook With Your Hotmail Login Details

If you used to have a Hotmail account and now you want to resume using the webmail service, simply go to www.hotmail.com or www.outlook.com. Either way you land on the same screen that looks like this.

Hotmail Login

You can use your old Hotmail login details here, or if you have a Microsoft account then you can use that as well. Tip: Many users have reported that they can’t access their old Hotmail accounts via Outlook.com. If that happens to you then you should simply sign up for a Microsoft account. Just click on the link on the login page. Here it is:

Microsoft Sign Up Link


Retrieving Your Login Details

If you can’t remember your Hotmail login details and you want to try signing in at Outlook.com, just look for the Can’t Access Your Account? Link (see below) and click on it.

Cant Access Your Account

You will then be presented with a number of options, as follows:

Help Options

Select the option you want and follow the prompts. If in the process of retrieving your details you are sent a single-use code, also called a one-time pin, to your mobile device or phone, then enter it in the Outlook / Hotmail login page you will be taken to (see illustration below). Click on the Sign in with a single-use code button to use the code.

Single Use Code


Why You Should Sign Up

Without signing up at Outlook (previously Hotmail) your won’t be able to go to the Outlook / Hotmail login page to sign in. No services are available without signing up – so do it.

How to sign up for Outlook (previously Hotmail)

When you type www.hotmail.com or www.outlook.com you will get to the Outlook login page. Below the form is some text saying “Don’t have a Microsoft account? Sign up Now”. The “Sign Up Now” part is highlighted. (See illustration below)

Hotmail Login Page

Without having a Microsoft account you cannot make use of Outlook mail, previously known as Hotmail. You get a lot of other Microsoft services too when you have an account. It is free of charge to sign up.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Hotmail Sign Up Form

You must complete the form and also fill in the Captcha image (we have pointed it out with an arrow).

A Captcha is a set of scrambled images that humans can read but computers cannot. It is use to prevent automated robots from swamping the site. In other words, the Captcha proves that you are human.

Type the letters or numbers you see into the box after completing the form, then press the create account button.

Privacy at Outlook (previously Hotmail)

Your email privacy is largely up to you. Keep your Hotmail login details safe (the ones you created when you sign up) to keep your account safe.


What you Get from Outlook (aka Hotmail)

  • A fully integrated, FREE webmail service
  • A top-level, secure Microsoft product
  • Trusted, tested service adaptable to all your devices
  • A webmail service for personal or business use

Countries Where You Can Use Outlook / Hotmail

You can get to Outlook / Hotmail login from most countries in the world with the notable exception of China.

Outlook is Fantastic for Mobiles, Notebooks and Tablets

Great news! Outlook is built into your Windows 10 phone.

What’s more, the Outlook app is designed for all mobile devices. The app delivers a great email experience for IOS and Android. With the app you can manage Outlook.com as well as calendars, contacts, files and other email accounts – all from one app! (Note: an app is a short piece of code that allows you to do something particular on your PC, laptop or mobile device)

How to Download the Outlook / Hotmail app

Once you have a Microsoft account go here to download the app to your mobile device. You will see this screen:


Downloading the App

Security and Privacy Issues

Microsoft has spent billions in the past 10 years ensuring data safety for users. If anyone gets into your account, the chances are that your username and passwords have fallen into the wrong hands. No worries though. Just reset your password and your account will be secure again.

Cool Stuff to Do with Outlook

You can:

  • Delete and archive messages with simple swipes.
  • Set messages to reach your inbox at scheduled times.
  • Elect to have priority messages sent to your Focused Inbox.
  • The calendar feature is great. Share your availability with other users and schedule meetings with just a few clicks.
  • The app also allows you to share files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

How Does Outlook Make Money?

Microsoft makes money by selling software to businesses, mainly. In Outlook ads may appear which help fill Microsoft’s already full pockets. Most of Microsoft’s products for individuals are free of charge. They regard this as a fine investment because most people are accustomed to using Microsoft products, such as Windows for their computers.

Take-Aways About Hotmail Login

  • Hotmail no longer exists – it’s Outlook now
  • Outlook is a Microsoft products that integrates with all other MS products – and most other major services too
  • Outlook is FREE to use
  • Gmail from Google is Outlook’s main competitor in the free email service market
  • Competition is good. When Gmail appeared, Outlook and other services like Yahoo Mail immediately upgraded in terms of speed, security and additional features
  • Outlook can be used with all the major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox. Safari and Internet Explorer

Keep your Hotmail Login – oops! – your Outlook Login Details Safe. Your Privacy is Up to You