Here are eight great ways to get more out of Google.

  1. Use the right version of Google: or or (international with a US bias)



2. Watch out for the paid advertising at the top of the search results




  1. Be highly specific in your search terms e.g. “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge” rather than “Samsung Phones”. See if drop-downs can help you refine your search further.



  1. Be location-specific e.g. “Middlesex UK buy Taylor Ace Size 2 lawn bowls”.


  1. When looking for something particular it helps to place your search term in inverted commas e.g. “buy red Spanish dancing shoes monaco” or “fine lace for a wedding dress peoria”


Get more out of Google


  1. Google bought YouTube. Regard YouTube as an extension of Google. You will be surprised by what you find there. (Search without inverted commas.)


  1. Watch out what you search for on Google because Google stores all your searches. There ARE way to delete your history from Google’s data base. For instructions go to:
  1. You can trace the origin of pictures on Google. Yes, Google can search its index for images too.

Step 1: On the Google homepage, click on images

Step 2.  Then click on camera icon to right of search box

Step 3. Add your image to Google in one of 3 ways:


Ways to Add Images to Google Image Search

Step 4:  I uploaded a pic of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage that I had on my desktop



and then clicked on the Search by Image button as shown above.

I got this result:



Step 5: Google also says exactly on what pages it found the image. (Google also gave visually similar results which are sometimes interesting and useful and sometimes not.)


Google tries to manipulate you and your searches but if you play around you can get a lot out of Google without betraying much information.

Play around with Google. Open a Google account. Sign up for their other services – such as gmail and Google Drive. Experiment and try different settings.

Don’t be afraid. The internet can’t break!