When you go to the MSN login page you are standing at the door of a portal that brings together a host of Internet-based services pretty much the same way Yahoo or Google does.

The Microsoft-owned platform offers users a search engine, email, world, business, sports and entertainment news, weather, health and fitness advice. MSN even offers Internet users cloud-based services.

If you’re signed up to MSN you will be able to transact in the Microsoft Store as well. Those who were around when the Internet bubble was still in its infancy will remember MSN’s emergence as Internet Start, more or less the Internet Explorer home page.

This page was found on home.microsoft.com, not the current msn.com. It wasn’t until the late 90s-early 2000s that MSN came into existence as a web portal offering multiple services.


How to Sign In to MSN

Go to MSN.com. In the top right-hand corner you will find a little link saying Sign In as follows:


MSN Login Details


Click on the Sign In link. You will be taken to the MSN login page that looks like this:

MSN Sign In Box


Obviously the sign in box won’t have an arrow – that’s my red arrow to show you where to click once you have added your email address or phone number – whichever one you used when you signed up at MSN. There is also a Keep Me Signed In options as follows:

Keep Me Signed In Link

If you click on that before clicking the Sign In button you won’t have to go through the rigmarole of logging in each time. You will automatically be signed in.


Using the Single Use Code to Sign in to MSN

You will also see a little link saying Sign In with a single-use code (see arrow on screen shot below).

Single Use Code Link

Use that as an MSN login option once in a blue moon when at a strange computer, such as in a classroom or in an internet cafe.  Click on the link and you will be taken to the following page:


Single Use Code Option

This option allows you to use your phone number (the one you signed up with) rather than a password so that your private MSN login details are not compromised on a public computer.

You will receive a text message with a single use code. Once you have received the code, just enter it and  submit. You will then be inside your account.


Retrieving Your MSN Login Details

If you have forgotten your password, help is at hand on the same page as the sign in box.

There is a link below the Sign In button saying Can’t Access Your Account? as follows:

Retrieving Your MSN Login Details


When you click this link you will be guided to a page with three options to help you in case you’ve a) forgotten your password, b) forgotten your ID or c) suspect that someone else has hacked your account.


Why You Should Sign Up

Before you login you can still enjoy a variety of services on MSN. You can get up to date with the latest political, celebrity and sports news as well as a forecast of the weather in your locality.

But to be able to read and compose messages on Outlook (which replaced MSN Hotmail), you have to sign up to MSN. The same is true if you would like to purchase music on Groove Music or start using the cloud services or OneNote.


How to Sign Up to MSN

Enter www.msn.com on your web browser and on the home page click the Sign In link. This will take you to the MSN signin page where you will see the Sign Up Now link at the bottom. It looks like this:


MSN Sign Up Link


You will then be presented with a form for opening a Microsoft account. That’s because MSN is a Microsoft product. It looks like this:


Signing Up for MSN


It is quite a comprehensive form but at least it’s only a once-off! It includes such personal details as your full names, preferred username and password and birth date.

Information such as your country, country code and phone number will also be required.


Privacy at MSN

Before you sign up with MSN you should take time to read their privacy policy. This document explains which data MSN collects about you, how they use it and what measures they take to keep it safe.

To be able to determine your preferences, MSN deposits cookies on your computer. Based on these ads that appear on Bing when you’re performing a search will be of things you’re interested in.


What You Get

Many users of Microsoft’s products, especially MS Office, will already be having an Outlook account. With this email service you can receive mail not just from your Outlook account, but from Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any other mail service.

Microsoft has a rival service to Apple’s iTunes; Groove Music. This service allows you to sample music MSN Logoand if you like it, purchase and download it. Microsoft also has a rival to Google Drive and Dropbox; OneDrive allows you to store files of all kinds in the Microsoft cloud.

As a signed-up MSN user you will also be able to shop for and buy Microsoft products- both hardware and software. Using the search engine Bing as a signed-up user allows you to earn prescribed rewards.


Countries Where You Can Use MSN

You can use your MSN login details from anywhere so long as you are connected to the Internet. Some countries have restricted access to the Internet, including China, Iran and North Korea. In China Internet users have been able to circumvent this inhibition by leasing VPN connections.

Regional Tips: When you login to the Microsoft Store, it automatically detects your geographical location and puts prices in your local currency. This makes it easier for you to execute a transaction if you see something you want.

If you would like to change the region you need to go to your MSN login control panel, click on the ‘Region and Language’ button and then select the desired location.


MSN App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

While you can’t find a unified MSN app that offers all the services you see on site’s the main page, you will find individual apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

MSN AppThere are apps for Outlook, Bing Search, Skype, MSN News, Microsoft Groove and other services on these platforms for free download. It is even easier for users of Microsoft devices to get these applications as they mostly come pre-installed.


Security and Privacy Issues

One of the services offered as part of the MSN suite is chat and call platform Skype. While hacking a user’s account from their Skype ID is tricky, the Skype account can be compromised if the associated email account has been hacked.

To prevent this you need to first and foremost have a strong password for your email account. Also do the same for your Skype ID.

A new Outlook app has been released to rave reviews but there are concerns that it may open the door to a number of privacy issues. This is because in the course of changing over from Hotmail to outlook, user details may have been transferred to a third-party cloud.


Cool Stuff To Do On MSN

Groove Music via MSNUse your MSN login details to try out Groove Music and discover a world of music. If you find something you like you can either stream or download the songs. The platform has more than 38 million tracks.


How Does MSN Make Money

MSN makes money through a number of premium services. Groove Music offers ad-free streaming for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Microsoft Store offers a variety of software and hardware products to willing buyers.


Take-Aways About MSN

  • Email platform Outlook has 400 million active users
  • Skype Translator currently can translate voice calls in 7 languages
  • As at September 2015 Skype had 300 million users


Keep Your MSN Login Details Safe

Select a strong password when signing up to MSN services and try to memorize your MSN login details as quickly as possible.