If you’ve watched shows like ‘Daredevil’ or ‘House of Cards’, you probably have a good idea of what Netflix is. You may even already be one of their customers and know how easy the Netflix login process has become.

What is Netflix today?

Netflix has always supplied people with movies on-demand only it was in a different format when the company started in 1998. Then the company supplied movies and other content to customers by shipping DVDs to their mail address.

Make no mistake, the company was still founded by a pair of techies. Both Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings both worked previously at Pure Software. Indeed the orders were made via the Netflix website which was already up in 1998.

However, the mode of payment switched from per order to monthly subscription a year later. In 2007 Netflix introduced the video-streaming format of content delivery while slowly doing away with DVDs.

Nowadays Netflix adds new movies and TV series daily. All you need to get a Netflix login is to sign up using a credit card, then sit back and enjoy for a really low monthly debit.


Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings

Marc Randolph (left) and Reed Hastings founded Netflix


How to Sign In to Netflix

This could not be simpler. Have your Netflix login details on hand. Type www.netflix.com into your browser window and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard or just click through. You will arrive at the Netflix home page which will look something like this (although the featured movie changes all the time).

How to Sign in to Netflix
You can’t miss the Sign In button – it’s at the top right hand side of the page in bright red 🙂

Click on that button. You will be taken to page that includes the sign in form:


Netflix Sign In Box
Simply enter the email and password you gave when you signed up with Netflix and click the Sign In bar. Again, you can’t miss it 🙂

If you tick the Remember me on this device box then Netflix will autofill the fields for you next time.

Interestingly you can also sign in to Netflix without using your Netflix login details. Simply login with Facebook by clicking on the blue bar. You might find those access details easier to remember.


Retrieving Your Netflix Login Details

To be able to login to Netflix after losing or forgetting your password, click Sign In on the homepage in the normal way. This will take you to the login page where you will find the Forgot your email or password? link:

Forgot My Netflix Login Details


When you follow it you will see a page with three options on how to reset your password – via email, SMS or voice mail:


Forgot Password Box


So if you choose email then enter your email address and click on Email me. Do similar same if you choose Text Message (SMS) or Voice Call. One way or another you Netflix login details will be sent to you.

If you are in the unfortunate position of not remember either your email address or phone number, just click on the link below the long blue button. You will be taken to the following page:


Cant Remember Password or Email for Netflix


Complete the form so Netflix can help you find your account.


Why You Have to Sign Up

You cannot be able to stream any content without being a signed-up Netflix user. All you will see on the homepage is a summary of the services the site offers.


How to Sign Up at Netflix

Type Netflix.com in your web browser and click Sign In and then go to the Sign up now option as seen below.


Signing Up for Netflix


You could alternatively just click Start with a Free Month on the homepage (if the offer is still going when you read this). When signing up at Netflix you will have three different subscription options. After selecting the package that suits you the fields for your email and chosen password will appear.


Privacy at Netflix

Netflix allows you to set the privacy settings in your account so that others don’t know what you’re watching. Simply go to the privacy settings in your profile and set the video status to hide.

Also you can delete your watching history at the click of a button. Doing this will also change what appears in the recommendations section, meaning no one will know which Netflix movies you’ve been watching, if you don’t want them to.


What You Get

After choosing your package and signing up to Netflex, you will have a host of movie titles, TV shows and documentaries waiting for you to choose and watch. You can also dig into the original shows that Netflix itself produces such as House of Cards.

Netflix LogoDepending on the speed of your Internet connection and the amount you are willing to part with for your monthly subscription, you can stream video in high-definition of ultra high-definition.

The disc rental arm of Netflix was never stopped and if you have a DVD player you can subscribe to the disc service and receive one disc at a time through your mail.

Besides TV shows and movies, Netflix also offers users online video gaming on common consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox and Playstation.


Countries Where You Can Use Netflix

To be able to stream content comfortably on Netflix, you need a reasonably fast broadband Internet connection, particularly if you want to watch in HD.

So wherever you can get a good quality link is a place you can enjoy content from Netflix. The service is currently available in more than 190 countries, including parts of China.

Regional Tip: There are third party services which allow you to change your location on Netflix. This is to circumvent restrictions the streaming service places on some content based on geographical location. The more tech savvy have been able to tinker with their IP address for this purpose.


Netflix App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

The Netflix app for mobile devices is available on all platforms; Google Play Store for Android devices, Netflix on Your SmartphoneApple App Store for iOS and Windows Apps for those that use Microsoft’s platform.

This allows you to use your Netflix login to stream any of thousands of TV shows and movies from your mobile device wherever you are.


Security and Privacy Issues

A programming contest Netflix introduced in 2006 to challenge software developers to come up with a system to enhance the intuitiveness of the service was stopped in 2010 for fear that real user data was being used. Though Netflix announced that the contestants were using anonymized data, this did not prevent the firm from being sued.

To help users keep their accounts safe, Netflix proposes they take steps such as setting a strong password and changing it every now and then. They also encourage users to log out of any devices they are no longer using to access the service.

On top of this you can take common measures to safeguard your data such as not sharing your password and being wary of phishing emails that request your personal information.


Cool Stuff to do on Netflix

Net Flix on Smar TV If you have a smart TV you can use it to watch content from Netflix. There are also set-top boxes that support this service.



How Does Netflix Make Money?

Netflix offers users three tiers of monthly subscription: Basic- $7.99, Standard- $9.99 and Premium- $11.99. There are similar rates for the DVD-to-mail service.


Take-Aways About Netflix

 As at January 2016 Netflix had 75 million subscribers

  • In 2015 users spent 42.5 billion hours streaming from Netflix
  • Every day Netflix users spend 100 million hours on the service
  • Netflix is currently in 190 countries
  • Netflix plans to move into 130 regions in 2016


Keep Your Netflix Login details Safe

Instead of sharing your login details with others, you can pay for a standard or premium subscription to allow them to watch on their own screens.