Whenever you think of sending or receiving money online, you are mostly thinking of PayPal. People all over the world use their PayPal login to send money to friends and family online using this service which is cheaper than other forms of international payment.

Businesses use it to bill their clients and send them invoices while customers submit payment on the same platform. All that is required is a credit card.

Thanks to the convenience PayPal offers, many people find themselves shopping more and more frequently, perhaps more than they can afford.

What is PayPal?

A PayPal account is a sort of bank account you open on the internet. From inside your account, you can make all your online purchases. You fund your PayPal account by using your credit card. Because only PayPal knows your credit card details, the service makes for near perfectly secure online payments.

While most people associate PayPal with e-commerce mammoth eBay, the online payment company was in existence four years before it was bought out. When it started in 1999, it was one of the services Paypal Loginoffered by Confinity, a company that developed security software for handheld devices founded by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery. But shortly after its IPO, PayPal was bought out by eBay.


Using the PayPal Login Page

So you want to log in to PayPal. Just type www.paypal.com into the long, thin address bar at the top of your browser. FYI your browser is probably Google Chrome or Firefox. It is the means by which you get to websites around the world.

Once you have hit the space bar on your keyboard or clicked then, you will be taken to the PayPal Home page. It will look something like this with a sort of weird slow motion video involved:
PayPal Home Page Showing Login Button


It should go without saying that the red arrow is ours. We added it to show you the location of the log in button 🙂 You won’t see the arrow on your PayPal home page. Click on the button, and you will get to this white page with a box in the middle.

PayPal Login Screen


PayPal Login Screen

That’s how it looks. You might find that the email field has autofilled your email address, which is fine. Just enter your password and then click on the Log In button. That’s it. You can now use PayPal to pay people and receive payments. You can even apply for a PayPal debit card.

Retrieving Your PayPal Login Details

On the PayPal login page, you will see a link below the login button saying “Having trouble logging in’. Click on that text. You will then be taken to a diagnostic page so that PayPal can help you accordingly. It will look something like this:

PayPal Help With Logging In

Click on the radio button next to the problem that is yours. You can then EITHER enter the slightly indistinct captcha code that appears in the block or listen to the code if you can’t read it. If you want to use the visible code but you can’t make out the letters and digits you can click on ‘Show a new code’ to get a brand new and fresh code. Enter it into the block and press continue. You will be taken through the steps to log in. PayPal will send you an automated email telling you exactly what you need to do (the steps to take) to access your PayPal account.

 Why You Have to Sign Up for PayPal

Without a PayPal account, you cannot enjoy any of the money transfer services the platform offers. PayPal needs to associate all payments with an email address, and this is why you need to register.

How to Sign Up at PayPal

To do this type PayPal.com in your web browser and hit the space bar. You will get to the home page of PayPal. It look’s something like this. We have added a red arrow to show you the Sign-Up button.


Sign Up at PayPal


When you click this button, you will be guided to a place to choose between a Business and a Personal account. Select the one you want by clicking the radio button next to your choice.

Signing Up at PayPal

After you hit Continue, you will be asked to select your country and enter your email address. You will also have to pick a password to use in future. Use a complicated one with letters, numerals and even special characters like ! and ? and @.

Some countries don’t allow the use of PayPal. So hit the Continue button to find out!

BTW you need to be at least 16 years to create a PayPal account.

Privacy at PayPal

As with most other web-based services, PayPal has a detailed privacy policy that explains which information they collect from users, how they use it and how they keep it safe.

It also explains how and why they share certain information with third parties. You may not want to be identified by your name when you receive or send payments. To maintain your privacy and still be able to transact you should open a business account.

What You Get with your PayPal Login

After signing on to PayPal, you will have:

  • A convenient, safe way to buy and sell on the Internet at your disposal. eBay users will be able to buy whenever they see something on the e-commerce site that they like.
  • You can shop on many other sites buying many different goods and services without having to give away your bank account details over and over.
  • Many contractors who offer services online can invoice their clients and get paid via PayPal.
  • Business owners who have merchant accounts will be able to cash in on the convenience PayPal offers users and enjoy increased sales.

Where You Can Use PayPal

As long as you have an Internet connection, you should be able to sign up and use the service, in theory. However, there are countries in which you cannot use PayPal, and these include Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Countries under US economic sanctions are also excluded from PayPal. There are also some services users in certain countries cannot access.

Regional Tips: In countries such as Indian where PayPal does not allow direct withdrawal to your local bank, you can open an account with a US bank. You can then transfer money to your local bank account from that account.

PayPal App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

The PayPal app is available in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store. A lot of what you do on the website can be done on the go once you have downloaded the app.

You can request and send payments as well as manage your account. In addition to this, you can shop directly from the app, but the retailers you can buy from is limited as not many brick-and-mortar shops accept direct PayPal payment.

Security and Privacy Issues

Having been developed by a software security firm, PayPal has been devised to keep users and their money safe while transacting online.

However, PayPal has not been free of security loopholes; back in 2014 researchers discovered a flaw in the two-factor authentication process in the PayPal mobile app. But this issue was found out before anyone with evil intentions could take advantage of it.

With an arsenal of security software and protocols protecting your information and money as well as a team of well-paid security experts, PayPal is doing its bit to keep you safe.

You can do your bit by guarding your PayPal login and the email address linked fiercely. Never give away your password and make sure it is strong.

Cool Stuff to do on PayPal

You can go shopping and pay for stuff directly from your PayPal account using the mobile app.

How Does PayPal Make Money?

Whenever you transact on PayPal, the company deducts a small commission. You will notice this whenever you send or receive money on the platform.

Take-Aways About PayPal

  • PayPal currently has 179 million active accounts
  • 30% of the e-commerce transactions in the US in 2015 were via PayPal
  • PayPal is available in 100 currencies
  • As at 2014 9.3 million payments were processed in PayPal

Keep Your PayPal Login Details Safe

If you have logged into your account on a shared computer or at a cybercafé, double check to make sure you have logged out. Also beware of phishing emails from PayPal parodies.