If you’ve ever been surfing the Web, seen something you liked and then forgot about it until several days later, a Pinterest login account is just what you need.

It is referred to as a visual bookmark that helps you keep track of anything you find on the Internet that tickles your fancy. Pinterest, as the name suggests, gives you a ‘pin’ which you can use to stick pictures or any other media you like on a Pinboard.

Besides creating Pinboards and pinning stuff on it, Pinterest offers users a platform to interact with people that have similar interests.

Pinterest is the brainchild of Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. They began developing the concept at the tail-end of 2009. By 2011 the company had thousands of users and made it into Time magazines 50 best websites list.

Pinterest Founders

Pinterest Founders (L to R) Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra


How to Sign In to Pinterest

Type www.pinterest.com into the address bar in your browser window (the narrow space at the top of the page you use to search the internet with e.g. Google). Then click Enter and you will be taken to the Pinterest homepage – always exciting and exotic. This is what it looked like at the time of writing this:


Pinterest Login Link


It changes in appearance every day – but don’t worry – the access box at the centre of the page remains the same. The Pinterest login link is at the top right hand corner of central area, as shown above. Look for the red arrow.

Note: Pinterest is different from most other sites because it has its sign up box featuring prominently on the home page with a relatively modest little Pinterest login link above it, to the right.

Click on the Log in button. You will be taken to a page with the following form:

Pinterest Login Box


You have four options for signing into Pinterest.

  1. Login with Facebook
  2. Log in with Google
  3. Login with Twitter
  4. Use the Pinterest login details you supplied when you set up your Pinterest account.

Enter the details that are the most appropriate, then click on the red Log in button. That’s it! You can start pinning.


Retrieving Your Pinterest Login Details

If you have lost your Pinterest password simply go to the login page and click on the Forgot your password link at the bottom. That is where to find it, as shown by the arrow on the illustration below):

Pinterest Forgot Password


Click on the Forgot your password? link.

You will be taken to a page containing the following box:



Type in whatever you can remember or whatever applies, then click on the Search button.

You will get a message like this (we have blacked out our email address as this is just for the purposes of illustration):

Reset Your Pinterest Password


You will get an email with the following message:

Reset Instructions


Click on the Reset Password bar. You will be taken to a page where you can set a fresh password.


Why You Have to Sign Up for Pinterest

Without signing up, you cannot enjoy any of the exciting features, Pinterest offers its users. When you go to Pinterest.com, you will be met with a screen asking for your Pinterest login credentials while also giving you the option to sign up.


How to Sign Up for Pinterest

Signing up at Pinterest is quick and simple (they promise it will take no more than 15 seconds). Right in the middle of the home page are the fields where you can fill in your email address and a password of your choice. The form looks like this:

Pinterest Home Page


So you have a couple of options as to how to sign up to Pinterest. Either you can type in your email address and create a Pinterest password for yourself or you can sign in using your Facebook access details. If you have a Facebook account, then using your FB login details might be the simplest way to sign up at Pinterest.


Privacy at Pinterest

Before signing up, you should take the time to read Pinterest’s privacy policy so that you know the information they will collect about you, how they use it and how they intend to keep it safe.

If you don’t want to give up info about yourself or location or don’t want cookies on your computer, you should think twice about signing up.

One way to increase your privacy on Pinterest is by using the option to hide your profile in the settings.


What You Get

You can create a board on Pinterest in any category on which you can pin items of interest in the form of pictures and other media you find on the Internet.

When you want to find out more about the image you can log into your Pinterest account and click on the pin. That will take you to the source of the image so you can get more information.

Weird Pinterest Board About Pinterest BingoYou can also check out pins from other Pinterest users at your leisure. Pins are not limited to images. If you’re shopping online and come across an item that you might be interested in buying later, you can pin it.

You could be reading up on exotic locations and happen on a holiday package there; you can pin this too.







Countries Where You Can Use Pinterest

You can use Pinterest anywhere you have access to an Internet connection. This may not be the case in countries where there is restricted access to the Internet. Among these the most notorious is China but there are other countries that have imposed limits on the websites you can access.


Regional Tips: Before you log in to Pinterest you can set the language to the one you are most comfortable with. At the bottom of the Help Center page, you will see a scroll bar titled ‘Language’. Just click it and scroll to select a language.


Pinterest App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

The Pinterest app is available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. For those with Windows devices there is a variety of apps that they can use- there is no official Pinterest app as is the case with the other two platforms.

Pinterest App

Some of the better-ratedPinterest apps for Windows include Touch my Pinterest and Pinspiration.


Security and Privacy Issues

In the early days of Pinterest their Terms of Service came under close scrutiny after it was discovered that the firm had awarded itself ownership to content posted on the platform by users.

This meant they could even sell pictures and other content without the knowledge or permission of its owners. Subsequent protests resulted in Pinterest revising their terms. In their current terms they categorically state that user content belongs to users.

Some users may however be uncomfortable with the fact that content they share with other users on the platform may remain even after they delete from their accounts.

Even if you quit Pinterest the content you posted will remain. Lastly, remember that when you follow a pin to a third-party site, you do so at your own risk.


Cool Stuff to do on Pinterest

Pinterest has recently introduced a messaging feature aimed at getting users with like interests to collaborate more easily.

Pinterest Messaging Feature

Start a message about a pin


How Does Pinterest Make Money

Pinterest has a feature called Pinterest Shop on which users can purchase pins. This feature is available on the Pinterest app for mobile devices as well. Pinterest also allows advertisers to publish ads on the platform at a fee.


Take-Aways About Pinterest

  • Pinterest currently employs 500 people
  • By June 2015 Pinterest was valued at $11 billion
  • As at September 2015 Pinterest had 100 million active users


Keep Your Pinterest Login Details Safe

If you’re wondering how to use Pinterest safely, here are a few tips. First, never share your password with anyone. Secondly, be sure to log out of your account if you are working on shared computer.