Perhaps one of the best descriptions of Tumblr was made in the Economist – Tumblr is a social networking site where you don’t have to be friends with your mother! No wonder half the world has Tumblr login details.

Once you wrap your head around phrases like tumble-logging and micro-blogging you get down to the nitty-gritty of what Tumblr is all about – a basic blogging site attracting well in excess of 550 million monthly users.

Blogging first made its appearance in the late 1990’s.

Bloggers were presented with an empty box into which they could type and paste their comments and, with the push of a button, post their views for publication on the internet.

As the blogging trend gained momentum and popularity, a new and more sophisticated breed made its appearance.

Users could build their own websites and publish videos and photos.

Tumblr Login Process

These two options left a gap in the market and by 2005 tumble-logs made its appearance.

Users were presented with simple Tumblr login steps and straightforward ways in which to post snippets of videos, photos and text.

What is Tumblr?

Enter Tumblr and founder David Karp.

By 2006 this American entrepreneur had grown tired of waiting for the arrival of a short-form blogging site so, together with Marco Arment, the two gurus developed their own tumble-logging site.

David Karp (above) and Marco Arment.

Tumblr was launched early 2007 and, despite its many rival platforms, attracted 75 000 users within the first two weeks.

Tumblr soon came to dominate the blogging field and by 2013 was sold to Yahoo for a mind-boggling $1.1 billion cash.

Karp stayed on as CEO and amid user outcries that the take-over would change the face of Tumblr, Yahoo assured that the blogging site would continue to be run independently.

How to sign into Tumblr

  • Go to Click on the sign-up page.

  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Entering a Username is NOT recommended.
  • Then click the Start button.
  • You will then be asked to click a box to prove you are not a robot.
  • After completing that step, click Continue.
  • You will then receive a welcome message as well as a pseudonym which you can keep or select one of the other four options you are given.

  • Click Continue.
  • Tumblr then gives you a wide variety of topics.
  • Select those that interest you.
  • Tumblr then builds your dashboard with your selections shown in separate tabs.

  • To continue you must verify your account by clicking on the link Tumblr sends to your email address.
  • You are now an official Tumblr blogger.
  • Now use your Tumblr login details to proceed.
  • Remember to make a note of your pseudonym and keep your Tumblr login details in a safe place.

How to retrieve your Tumblr login details

  • Here you can re-set your password or update and change our email address.

Why you have to sign up

When you join Tumblr you enter a micro-blogging ecosystem in which user posts can be liked and shared – be it text, videos or photos.

According to David Karp, every original posting has an average re-blog rate of nine times, while popular postings can receive hundreds or thousands of comments and re-blogs.

Karp says only 10% of items posted by users are original.

Tumblr has established its popularity, particularly among the 13 – 25 age group, mainly because true identities are kept secret and members can use different pseudonyms for different blogs.

These are some of the reasons why Tumblr is regarded as a social media platform, unlike Facebook.


Tumblr may use your account information – username, email address, age and password to improve its services.

That’s apart from your Tumblr login info which no one except you can use.

Your age is required to verify that you are legally entitled to use its services.

Your email is required to enable Tumblr to communicate with you.

Tumblr also allows its users to look for friends via email addresses.

What you get

Tumblr gives you a FREE, easy to use short-form blogging platform, as well as access to a host of topics streamlined to individual tastes.

Tumblr blogging platform allows you to choose how you want to communicate.


Perhaps because of its hip approach to subject matter such as pornography and gay and lesbian content, Tumblr has an on-off relationship in countries such as Indonesia, China, and the Arab States.

However, it is available in 16 languages and is ranked 47 worldwide.

Mobile, Android, iPhone and smartphones

In 2009 Tumblr acquired Tumblerette, an iOS application and launched an iPhone app.

By April 2010, Tumblr became available to BlackBerry smartphones via a Mobelux application in BlackBerry World.

A new version of its iOS app was released in June 2012, allowing support for Spotify, hi-residue images and offline access. An app for Android is also made available.

Apps for Windows Phone and Google Glass became available in 2013.

Security and privacy issues

Follow these tips to safeguard and secure your Tumblr account:

  • Never use a password twice and change it on a regular basis
  • Use Kaspersky’s Secure Password Check to make doubly sure that your password is strong
  • Your main blog is for public viewing, but Tumblr has a cool secondary blog that hides you from prying eyes
  • Simply Create another blog by selecting it on the settings page of your main account
  • Password protect it

Tumblr takes security seriously and, for this reason, offers users a security page. This allows you to report suspicious activity and Tumblr will rectify the problem.

Tumblr also offers other settings to safeguard your account.

  • Activate the “Secure Sockets Layer” on your settings page. This acts as an encrypted link between your browser and a web server.
  • Then there is also the “Two-Factor Authentication”. Once turned on, again on your account settings page, you will be sent a one-use code to your phone which you will have to enter, together with your password.

Cool stuff to do

Blogging is so simple, thanks to Tumblr. Instead of reams of text, you can post videos, photos, and snippets of text, as well as comment or like other user posts.

If you post an original blog, you are assured of feedback from at least nine other users, according to founder Karp.

Also, your blog site is individualized when you select your own personal topics of interest that Tumblr then automatically created on your dashboard.

How does Tumblr make money?

Well, in 2013 David Karp sold Tumblr to Yahoo for a cool $1.1 billion cash.


Because in its short seven years of existence, Tumblr had emerged as one of the most popular and powerful blogging platforms in the world, attracting famous personalities as its users.

Celebrities such as travel writer Anthony Bourdain, singers Beyonce and Taylor Swift, fashion designers and models, to name a few, all interact with their fans via Tumblr.

Celebrities such as travel writer Anthony Bourdain and singers Taylor Swift and Beyonce interact with fans on Tumblr.

It became a serious money-making machine when posting its first ads in 2012, earning $13 million in advertising revenue.

After acquiring Tumblr in 2013, Yahoo announced that its estimated revenue from the site was pegged at $100 million by 2015.

Takeaways about Tumblr

 CEO David Karp was born on July 6, 1986. His net worth, according to Forbes, exceeds $200 million.

Tumblr’s net worth, according to the same source, is valued at $800 million.

Other interesting stats:

  • The site has 550 million monthly users
  • 4 million blogs
  • 120 000 average daily sign-ups
  • 7 billion posts
  • 3 million daily posts
  • Mobile device users represent 78% of its membership
  • Available in 16 languages
  • Ranked 47 worldwide
  • Ranked 19 in the USA

Keep Tumblr login details safe

This point has been discussed in depth earlier in this article.

Follow those steps and you will always keep your Tumblr login details safe and your personal information secure.