What is Twitter?At its core once you have a Twitter login you have a mini message platform that enables you to express yourself in brief messages of 140 characters (about 10 words).

Twitter is an open forum that allows you to view all the messages or ‘tweets’ of anyone who you follow.

It can be described as a text messaging service that broadcasts your messages to anyone who cares to receive them. Sending out a message is called tweeting.

Many people have gotten in to trouble with political or personal tweets, but many people have created a public persona and expanded their businesses using twitter.

Twitter Login Details

You can ‘follow’ anyone you think will have tweets that are of interest to you simply by searching for them on the search bar and clicking the ‘follow’ button on the right of their profile as follows;


Typical Twitter Page with Follow Buttons


This easy-to-use means of social networking was first thought of Jack Dorsey in 2006. He envisioned a way of one person sending SMS messages to a small group.

The idea was thrashed out with Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone and a project by the name ‘twttr’ was the result. Soon they bought the twitter.com domain and the rest is history.

Who Started Twitter

Twitter Co Founders Evan Williams Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey


How to Sign In

Type Twitter.com into the browser on your mobile, laptop or PC. You will be taken to the Twitter homepage the log in area at the top right-hand side as follows:


Twitter Login Area

When you click on Log In the follow Sign In box will pop up on your screen:

Twitter Pop Up Login Box

Enter the phone number, email address or username you gave when you signed up for your Twitter account, enter you secret password and then click on the Log In button. That’s it! You are in your Twitter account and can start tweeting – and reading other people’s tweets.


Retrieving Your Twitter Details

Should you happen to forget your password, there are a number of options to help you retrieve your Twitter login.

You can have a code sent as an SMS message to the mobile phone number you gave when signing up. You can alternatively have instructions sent to email address linked to your account.

To go about retrieving your Twitter login details do the following:

Type twitter.com into the address bar in your browser and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. You will get to the homepage as follows:


Twitter Login Area


Click on the Log In button. The sign in box will pop up as follows with a Forgot Password link highlighted in blue:


How to Retrieve Twitter Log In Details

Click on the Forgot Password link.

You will then get the following form to complete:


Password Reset Box at Twitter

Simply do as Twitter asks so they can send Reset Password instructions to your email or phone. Go through the step by step process to refresh our Twitter login details.


Why You Have to Sign Up to Tweet

Without a user ID and password, there are no Twitter features you can access. You therefore have to sign up with the site first. To do this type www.twitter.com into the address bar in your browser. At the top of the page you get to you will see the following:

Sign Up Box at Twitter

Click on the Sign Up button.

You will the following form:


Opening an Account at Twitter

Here you will need to enter your full names, email, phone number and a password of your choice. After that click the Sign Up button.

A text message containing a code will be sent to your phone to verify the number. Follow the instructions. By clicking your acceptance of signing up for Twitter, your Twitter login details will be activated. That’s it! You are ready to go.


Privacy at Twitter

Be careful who you follow on Twitter. Some accounts will bombard you with unsolicited messages while others will fill your timeline with objectionable content. The people who follow you can do the same.

To prevent it being a free for all, Twitter gives you the option of blocking followers who post stuff you don’t like or agree with.


What You Get

Like other social networks, Twitter enables you to find out what your friends are doing and where they are doing it and even see photos of how much fun they’re having.

You can of course do the same. Besides posting messages in text you can post pictures and videos. If the video is on YouTube you can embed it in the tweet.

Twitter is a great way to connect with the world and stay up to date with the latest happenings in any field of interest. To keep up with the latest news you can follow CNN, BBC or the account of any other news network. Basketball fans can follow the NBA’s Twitter account and so on.

If you have a business you want to get word out about, you can take advantage of the sponsored tweets feature.


Countries Where You Can Use Twitter

You can connect to Twitter anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. There are countries such as China in which the government has restricted access to the Internet. This is because such countries fear that Twitter can be used as a tool in political protests. Unless you connect illegally via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will not be able to access Twitter.

Regional Tip: Twitter is an open through which the world speaks and listens. If you want to focus your messages and content to a specific geographical area, you can make use of Twitter’s geo-targeting features. This is especially helpful for you if there is an ad campaign you want to target at a specific market.


Twitter App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

Whether you have an iPad, Android phone or Windows device, you will be able to find and download the Twitter app. But besides the original Twitter app, there are different third party apps through which Twitter users can log into their accounts and manage them.

They are designed to suit different types of users; celebrities, companies or individuals who want to chat with friends. Examples are Twitterific, Osfoora and Tweetbot.


Security and Privacy Issues

Twitter has a privacy policy that details how it handles users’ information. You can contact to find out how the policy applies to your data. This aside, there are a number of occasions on which Twitter users’ accounts were compromised.

One widely reported instance was when a Twitter administrator’s password was acquired by hackers. They used the admin permissions to log into high profile accounts and send damning tweets.

After learning of these and other similar attacks, Twitter usually issues statements advising users to secure their accounts. As a user you can take steps in securing your account by blocking suspicious followers.

Another problem the company’s bigwigs have admitted Twitter had failed to deal with is trolling and abuse.


Cool Stuff to do on Twitter

Based on your geographical location and the accounts you follow, Twitter lists trending topics on the left hand side of your homepage.


Typical Twitter Homepage Content


You can click on any subject that interests you, read what other people are saying about it and add your own thoughts to the conversation.

On the Twitter homepage (typical page content shown here) you can see what’s trending without logging in.


How Does Twitter Make Money?

Twitter helps businesses create and execute ad campaigns. You may have noticed a message at the top of your timeline when you logged in today. That is a paid-for ad.


Take-Aways About Twitter

  • As at August 2015 Twitter had a total of 1.3 billion users
  • Twitter gets 120 million unique visitors every month
  • US President Barack Obama has 6 million followers
  • Rap star Kanye West has 18 million followers


Keep Your Twitter Login Details Safe

Don’t blindly follow back anyone who follows you. If you notice your account randomly sending unusual tweets, quickly reset your password.



By keeping a tight grip on your Twitter login details and your all-round privacy, and by thinking carefully before you tweet, you can have fun on Twitter. More importantly you can have a minute by minute eye opener into what’s going on in your world and the world at large.