Everybody knows about Walmart, the megastore founded by Sam Walton back in 1962. Starting as a single branch of the former Ben Franklin Stores, Walton grew the company into the world’s biggest retailer. Today with your Walmart login details to hand you can shop the megastore online from home or office too.

His vision of supplying products at low prices and pushing them in high volumes resonated with consumers. And the vision outgrew America in time, forcing Sam to take the company beyond the borders of the US.

Now Walmart has thousands of stores spread over 28 countries and is acknowledged as the world’s largest company by revenue.

Sam Walton the Founder of Walmart

Sam Walton of Walmart

Besides its many outlets worldwide, Walmart serves its customers online through eCommerce.

It also has an online movie service which it bought from Vudu and it also produces its own movies.


How to Sign In to Walmart

Type in Walmart.com into your browser window. You will get to the home page with a Hello, Sign In link (as shown below):


How to Enter Your Walmart Login Details Online

Don’t worry that the picture on the page looks different from the one above — it changes every few seconds.

Click on the Hello, Sign In link. You will be taken to a page with a form on that looks like this:


Walmart Online Login Box

Enter the email address you used when signing up for Walmart login permission online and add your password. Then click on the Sign In button or press the enter key on your keyboard. That’s it! You’re in and you can start shopping online at Walmart.


Retrieving Your Walmart Login Details

As explained above, when you go to Walmart.com and click the Hello, Sign in link, you will get the Walmart login box. Here you will find the Forgot password? link as shown here:


Walmart Online Forgot Password Link


Click this and you will be guided to the Reset password page. Enter your email address and hit submit. You will receive instructions by email about how to reset your Walmart login password.


Why You Have to Sign Up at Walmart

You can go to the Walmart website and browse through the items on their online catalog without having to sign in. You can click on a product, scan its features and even add it to your shopping cart.

But to checkout the item, or buy it, you need to have a Walmart online account.


How to Sign Up at Walmart

Go to the Walmart home page by typing www.walmart.com into your browser window and hitting the enter key on your keyboard.

At the top right-hand corner you will see a link saying My Account (indicated below with a red arrow).


How to Sign Up at Walmart Online


Using your mouse place the cursor over the My Account link but don’t click. This is called hovering.  A dropdown menu will appear automatically. Select the Create an account option and click on that.  You will be taken to a page with a form on it that looks like this:


Create Walmart Online Account Form


Here you will enter your names, email address and a password of your choice.  Fill in the fields and when you’re done click Create account. That’s it! You’re signed up.


Privacy at Walmart

Besides having a detailed privacy policy in which Walmart explains what information they collect and how it’s kept safe, they have published a list of kinds of scams to be wary about.

They explain the different varieties of phishing scammers can try to use to con you into giving up your personal details. Also detailed on the site are signs you can look out for to avoid fraud.


What You Get

Once you have a Walmartonelogin you will be able to shop through a catalog of more than one million products. You will also have a variety of software products such as e-cards at your disposal.

On top of seeing their price tag and adding them to our cart, you will be able to proceed and check them Walmart Credit Card Onlineout. After you buy an item you can be able to follow up on its shipping and give feedback to the seller.

To make your shopping easier, safer and potentially cheaper you can sign up for a Walmart credit card. Depending on how much you spend you can qualify for some great discounts.


Countries Where You Can Use Walmart

Shoppers in the US can use Walmart online shopping to buy stuff on Walmart.com and have it delivered. Those in Canada can do the same on Walmart.ca and Mexican shoppers can log into www.walmart.com.mx.

If you live in the UK you can go to the ASDA website to buy products over the Internet.But there are countries such as India where Walmart has stores but no facility for shopping online.

Regional Tip: If you reside in Quebec or other French-speaking parts of Canada you can shop in a site customized to the language you understand. Simply type www.walmart.ca/fr in your browser.


Walmart App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

If you have an Android or iOS device you can download the Walmart app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively for free.

Walmart AppUsing this app you can search for and view items by category or brand just like you would on the website and make a purchase through your Walmartone login.

The only difference is that you can use the mobile app anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can even user the Savings Catcher feature to compare prices and get the best deals.


Security and Privacy Issues

 There was much hue and cry last year about Walmart’s facial recognition technology which it has deployed in its stores for security purposes.

Taking the pictures of shopper’s faces is viewed by some as a violation of their privacy though Walmart deployed it to help curb shoplifting in its massive stores.

As regards online customers, Walmart has drawn up a privacy policy which guides it on how and why they collect customer data, what they use it for and how they keep it safe. It also dictates who they share your information with.

The policy mentions the web-based ads Walmart publishes on its site and which are tailored to your preferences. If you want to opt out of these it explains how to do so.


Cool Stuff to do oWalmart Wedding Registryn Walmart

As a Walmart online customer you can use the site to find a baby or wedding registry near you so as to get customized gifts from your friends and family. You can even create and manage your own registry.


How does Walmart Make Money?

The easy answer is that they sell a huge variety of products and get a margin on each item they sell. They also get some income from ads placed on their site by vendors.

Take-Aways About Walmart.com

  • Walmart.com is used by 29 million people monthly in the US
  • 70% of traffic on the site was from mobile devices
  • Online sales grew 22% in 2015
  • In 2016 Walmart plans to invest $1.5 billion in its e-commerce business

Keep Your Walmart Login Details Safe

 Always remember to log out of a shared computer when you are done shopping on Walmart.com.