It’s probably true that anyone you know with a smartphone is on Whatsapp login automatically. This mobile chat service has taken the world by storm, enabling people to communicate instantly over any kind of distance.

Whatsapp is the brainchild of two ex-employees of tech giant Yahoo!, Brian Actom and Jan Koum. They decided to resign from their jobs in 2007 to get a break.

It was during this time that Koum while handling his new iPhone, thought of ways on the fast-growing app industry. A short while later him and Actom were introduced to a developer and by 2009 Whatsapp had been incorporated.

Now the messaging platform is a tech juggernaut of its own boasting a billion users. The company was recently bought out by Facebook.


Brian Actom and Jan Koum

Brian Actom (left) and Jan Koum


How to Sign In To WhatsApp

Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone your Whatsapp login will be associated with your phone number and messaging can start.

Only one Whatsapp login is possible per number, so if you change your number (sim card) you have to start again with Whatsapp.

The system is entirely dependent on the number you used when setting up your WhatsApp account. If you change numbers then all your old messages will be lost but, hey, that’s life.


Welcome to Whatsapp Login


Retrieving Your WhatsApp Login Details

Immediately you download the Whatsapp Messenger to your phone and install it, you are logged into the application. The only way you will be unable to access your account is if you lose your phone.

But even if this happens, you can always get a replacement for your SIM card and download the app again onto another device.


Why You Have to Sign Up

There are numerous advantages of being a user of Watsapp. With this application on your phone you get to exchange instant messages with contacts who have the app on their devices.

You can also send images, video and audio files on this platform. If you have an interesting web page you want to share, you can send your friend the link as well.

Signing up is simply a matter of downloading Whatsapp from the app store and installing it.


How to Sign Up to Install Whatsapp

Go to the app store compatible with your make of mobile device and download Whatsapp free. The app Whatsapp Downloadis available on all platforms, even the seemingly outdated Symbian.

Install the app, allowing it to access your contacts. Next, enter your phone number and the name you would like to use on the app.

If you don’t want to enter this information, there is the option of importing it from your Facebook profile.


Privacy at Whatsapp

There are numerous ways in which Whatsapp enables users to safeguard their privacy. You can choose to let no one, only contacts or anyone see your profile picture.

The same applies for the ‘Last seen’ time which is usually displayed beneath the username. If you don’t wish to receive messages from a certain individual, you can block them.


What You Get

Once you login to Whatsapp you will be able to enjoy real time messaging with your friends and loved ones from anywhere, provided you can access the Internet.

With your mobile device, be it a tablet or phone, you can access the Internet via WiFi or your local GSM Whatsapp Login Processnetwork. Either way, Whatsapp does not consume much data.

You can send text, image, audio or video files to any of your contacts also on Whatsapp or share web links with them.

To make sure you communicate seamlessly you can check the intended recipient’s status to make sure they are online. Even if they’re not, a notification will be sent to their phone as long as they’re connected to the Internet.


Countries Where You Can Use Whatsapp

Whatsapp can be used wherever you have a mobile device and there is an Internet link. You can also use a computer to access your account using Whatsapp Web.

Even in China, where Internet access is strictly monitored and controlled, people freely use the application.


Whatsapp App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

The Whatsapp app is primarily how most of the application’s one billion users access it; few people log in via Whatsapp Web. It takes up about 30MB of space so it will not affect the performance of your device.

Whatsapp is a Killer AppOnce you have the app downloaded and installed, all you need to do is launch it, select a contact and send them a message. It is very simple to use.



Security and Privacy Issues

Since its launch, a number of security flaws and vulnerabilities have been discovered in Whatsapp.

Shortly after its launch, for instance, two security loopholes were discovered on Whatsapp Web; the WhatsApp Photo Privacy Bug and the WhatsApp Web Photo Sync Bug. The issues have been largely dealt with though.

A number of features are available to users to help them protect their privacy while using Whatsapp. You can make your ‘last seen’ status invisible to everyone and you can do the same with your profile picture.

Anyone sending you unwanted messages can be blocked and if you don’t want anyone to view your conversations you can lock your chats with a password or PIN code.


Cool Stuff to do on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Phone Calls

Now instead of just messaging, you can make voice calls using Whatsapp. But be sure to check if the other party is online first.



How Does Whatsapp Make Money

Whatsapp has different plans for its services which it sells to data networks. The company is still exploring ways in which to monetize its service without having to impose ads on users.


Take-Aways About Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp has a billion active monthly users currently
  • In February 2014 Facebook bought out Whatsapp for $19 billion
  • The highest number of messages processed in a single day on Whatsapp is 64 billion
  • 700 million photos are shared daily on the platform
  • 73% of Whatsapp users access it from an Android device


Keep Your Whatsapp Login Details Safe

To avoid receiving unwanted messages avoid giving out your phone number to anyone who asks for it.