Yahoo Mail first came to light in 1997 as part of the ensemble of services offered by the tech firm Yahoo!, founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994.

This happened after Yahoo! Had acquired online communications firm Four11 for $96 million. The main reason for the acquisition was Four11’s Rocketmail service which would enable Yahoo! to compete with Hotmail which is now called Outlook.

Rocketmail was gradually repackaged into Yahoo Mail and the users moved to the new service. Premium package Yahoo Mail Plus was introduced. In 2010 the service underwent another drastic makeover followed by another redesign in 2013.


Jerry Yang and David Filo

Yahoo Mail Guys Jerry Yang and David Filo


Rocketmail was gradually repackaged into Yahoo Mail and the users moved to the new service. Premium package Yahoo Mail Plus was introduced. In 2010 the service underwent another drastic makeover followed by another redesign in 2013.

Though it is still trying to shake the dinosaur tag, Yahoo Mail currently boasts more users than Gmail, one of its biggest rivals. Its newly designed interface is one of Yahoo Mail’s weapons along with the 1 TB of space free users get.


How to Sign In to Yahoo Mail

The best way to sign in to Yahoo Mail is to type into the address window in your browser (the long space at the very top). Then hit Enter on your keyboard or click Enter. You will reach the Yahoo Mail homepage with following area at the top:


Signing In to Your Yahoo Mail Account

 Click on the Sign In button as indicated by the arrow. The page you then get will have the Sign In box on the page looking like this:

Yahoo Mail Sign In Box


Type in the email address you signed up with and also enter the password. Then click the Sign In button. That’s it! You are now in your Yahoo Mail account.


Retrieving Your Yahoo Mail Details

Yahoo provides a Password Helper to help stranded users reset their passwords and log in to their accounts again. Go to the Sign In box as above. You will see a blue link underneath the empty fields, as shown below:

Cant Access Yahoo Mail Account


Click on the link. You will get to this form:

Retrieving Your Password


Type your Yahoo email address (if you remember it) into the field and then click on the Continue button.  You will receive instructions by phone or alternative email address allowing you to reset your password.

If you can’t remember your Yahoo email address then click on the link saying I don’t know my Yahoo email address so Yahoo can work an alternative method for you to reset your password. Just follow the instructions.


Why You Should Sign Up For Yahoo Mail

You can have access to some Yahoo services without having to be signed up. You can read the news, view your weather and view the Yahoo answers among others.

But to be able to send and receive email you must be a registered with Yahoo and have Yahoo login access details.

This will enable Yahoo to know which mailbox to deliver messages to in pretty much the same way your physical address helps the mailman know where to stash your letters.

On top of this you will have a Yahoo ID through which to access to all other Yahoo services.


How to Sign Up at Yahoo Mail

To become a Yahoo Mail user you start by entering in your web browser. At the upper right corner of the page the ‘Sign in’ button will appear. Click on Sign In (although you really can’t because you have not got a Yahoo account yet). You will be taken to this page:


Where to Sign Up for Yahoo Mail


Click on the link indicated which says Sign up for a new account. You will be taken to this form:

Sign Up for a Yahoo Mail Account


You will see fields for your name, chosen username and password as well as your date of birth, recovery number etc. There is also a space for your mobile number. That’s important.

Complete the form and then click on Create Account.

Then you will get the Captcha code form (see below). Don’t worry if you see letters and numbers flying about. This is standard. Captcha is a security device to make sure you are a human and not a robot! Fill in the code you can make out and ask for another if you can’t make it out. Then click on Submit Code.


Captcha Code

Sometimes it takes more than three attempts to get the Captcha code accepted. Just keep going until you are taken to another page — which is yet another security measure:


Additional Security at Yahoo

It may take some time for the verification code to reach your mobile phone. Don’t worry. It will arrive eventually and this is just a one-off measure.

That’s it! You’re in!


Privacy at Yahoo Mail

 To keep your personal data (and financial details, in the case of premium services) safe, Yahoo applies Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and data encryption.

Yahoo Anti Spam MeasuresYahoo also adheres to a privacy policy that prevents the company from sharing its users’ personal information with third parties.

To deal with unsolicited email, Yahoo Mail has the spam feature which automatically filters such messages from your inbox and stores them in the spam folder.


What You Get

With a Yahoo Mail account you can be able to send and receive electronic mail from other Internet users.

You can take advantage if the Yahoo Messenger to exchange instant messages with contacts who are on Yahoo Mail. Other features you will have access to include a calendar/planner and a notepad.

A Yahoo login gives you a private account through which you can use all Yahoo’s services besides Ymail. You will have an acYahoo Answerscount on Yahoo TV, be able to interact on Yahoo Answers and post and view pictures on Flickr, etc.

There is a premium mail service offered by Yahoo that used to be called Yahoo Mail Plus but is now known as Ad Free Mail. For $49.99 a year you get an account that has no expiry period and no ads.


Countries Where You Can Use Yahoo Mail

Wherever you have an Internet connection of good speed, you can access Yahoo Mail and all its featured. However, even with a slow connection you can still use the basic version of Ymail. Additionally, even Yahoo Countrieswhen you’re not logged on to your Yahoo Mail account you can access it offline via Microsoft’s Outlook using POP or IMAP.

Regional Tip: Yahoo has regional domains so as to avail its content in a customized way to users in different parts of the world. Australia users can log in via, those in Brazil can use while those in the Czech Republic can use


Yahoo Mail App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

The YahoYahoo Free Email Appo Mail app is available and free in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

In late 2015 Yahoo issued an update to the app which came with features to make it more user friendly. Users would, for instance, be able to easily add attachments they’ve received recently to new messages as they are displayed on the app.

Another one of the important features was the doing away of the need to enter your password during login.


Security and Privacy Issues

In 2014 Yahoo Mail was beset by hackers in what the company described as a “coordinated effort” to access user accounts. The attackers used a sophisticated piece of malware to obtain the accounts from a third party’s database.

On detecting the breach Yahoo reset the affected users’ passwords. The owners of those accounts were then required to use a second sign-in verification to get in. They also were advised to change their passwords as soon as they could.

While you can do little to prevent such unforeseen attacks, there are measures you can take to keep your Yahoo email account safe. One is to never share your password and another is to memorize it so that you don’t need to keep it written down.


Cool Stuff to do on Yahoo Mail

Use yoYahoo Musicur Yahoo Mail login to check out the latest movie trailers on Yahoo TV or keep abreast with entertainment news on Yahoo Music.


How Does Yahoo Mail Make Money

If you’re a free Yahoo Mail user you will notice textual and graphic ads on the right column of your inbox. To get rid of these you need to sign up for Ad Free Mail which costs $49.99 per year.


Take-Aways About Yahoo Mail

  • In October 2014 Yahoo Mail had 217 million unique visitors
  • 100 million users log into Yahoo Mail daily
  • YM has 17.6 million unique visitors through the mobile app monthly


Keep Your Yahoo Mail Login Details Safe

Always log off from your Yahoo Mail account when on a shared computer.



There are good reasons why more people use Yahoo logins every day than logins to any other service. Sign up now – it’s free!