Did you know that a YouTube account the second most desirable account on earth (Facebook is the most liked)?

YouTube is the world’s premier video sharing platform, used by just about everyone on their desktop and portable devices.

Without signing up for a YouTube account in you can view unlimited videos, but to create a channel where you can upload your videos and comment on others, you need to create an account.

Three former PayPal employees named (left to right in pic) Chard Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim started YouTube in 2005.

Founders of YouTube

Founders of YouTube

Just one year later Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Today the platform leads video sharing by billions of searches.

Striking You Tube Logo

Famous YouTube Logo

How to Sign Into YouTube (Clue: It’s not straightforward)

When you go to the YouTube homepage, just click on the sign in button.


Sign In Button on YouTube Home Page

Note: Right Away you will be taken to Google!

You will land on a screen that looks as if it has nothing to do with YouTube. That’s because it’s a Google sign in box.

Google makes no secret that it wants you to have one set of access details for all your Google products, of which YouTube is one.

You can have several Google accounts, but the whole of Google is structured that your accounts will clash with each other. Google wants to narrow you down to one email address and one password. For your convenience, we suggest you hold only one Google account and stick with it.

YouTube Account Signup at Google


Retrieving Your YouTube Account (aka Google) Details

Google/YouTube is super-annoying when you have forgotten your sign-in details or cannot get into your YouTube account. Instead of having an “I’ve Lost My Password” option they have a link saying “Need Help”.

YouTube Sign In Screen

Once you click on that you see the following:

Having Trouble Signing into Google


Google is like an over-solicitous aunt. Why couldn’t they just put those options below the sign in box Warning: you might find yourself going in circles as you try to sign in, most particularly if you have several accounts. That’s why we recommend that you hold a single Google account only.

Why You Should Sign Up

Google has cornered so many internet markets (YouTube, Maps, Search, Gmail and so on and on) that you should make a YouTube account so you can make use of all these products easily.’

How to Sign Up at YouTube

Below you can see that the registration page for youtube.com aka Google is pretty simple. You can reach it from the login page at YouTube (see above). With an arrow, we have shown Google’s “sell” as to why you should get one account. It’s so you can have uninterrupted access to all Google products across all devices.

Google Signup Page for YouTube

Privacy at YouTube

If you think Google (and therefore YouTube) is keeping all your tastes and searches secret, you would be wrong. Just see how all the ads returned on YouTube relate to searches you have done recently. Look up BMW cars or eau de cologne, and you will be inundated ads for these products. Hey’ that’s the price you pay for using all of Google’s seemingly indispensable services.

The matter of privacy on the internet is up to you. Don’t write anything or upload anything (such as videos) you wouldn’t mind your mum seeing.

What you Get at Youtube

YouTube is an amazing treasure trove of stunning music videos, movies, news, adverts, clips, lectures and anything else that can be made into a video. Just search for it – it’s there!

The YouTube search engine is nearly as big at Google. That’s how many people are looking for videos.

Plus YouTube will recommend videos for you based on what you searched for previously. That enables you to find videos you did not know existed and therefore were unable to search for.

Upload the videos you have made about the subjects closest to your heart to share with others.

Countries Where You Can Use YouTube

Currently, www.youtube.com is available everywhere except China (which has banned Google and its subsidiaries as a whole). This doesn’t mean that governments won’t clamp down on YouTube as, indeed, many countries have done when vulgar or politically critical videos have appeared.

Countries where YouTube has been banned intermittently include Brazil, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran, India and Pakistan. Not that it helps much. Users in banned countries still log on to YouTube via proxies, private satellites and tor.

Regional Tip:
The search results on YouTube are getting more and more regionalized. This might or might not be a good thing, but it sure helps advertisers – and therefore YouTube and Google.


YouTube App for Android Tablets and Mobile Phones

There are hVodio Logoundreds of YouTube apps for sale out there, especially for portable devices. Two big ones for IOS devices are Vodio and iTube.

YouTube Account – Security and Privacy Issues

YouTube makes all the right noises about privacy, but most of that is after the fact. Once a video is out there, it’s out there. Getting it taken off is a mission and lots of the time the video just stays there. So keep your private life private to prevent your personal affairs from appearing in glorious Technicolor.|

Cool Stuff to Do with a YouTube Account

Make money. Create a channel, create original videos, then you can “monetize” your channel. Ads will appear on your channel. Any clicks the ads get mean money for you. NOTE: this can be done only if all your videos are totally original.

How Does YouTube Make Money?

Just like Google, YouTube makes money from the ads that appear. When video ads play, and when users click on ads, these actions mean money is cascading into the bank for Google.
Take-Aways About YouTube

    • The views counter often sticks at 301 views for a couple of days then suddenly leaps forward. That is an anti-fraud device to make sure it’s not some automated crawler creating the views. When YouTube is certain that the views are legit, the counter resumes.
    • Before it became a general video sharing website, YouTube was briefly a dating website where potential mates could post videos of themselves to check each other out
    • The first ever video on YouTube was posted by founder Jawed Karim, and it was entitled “Me at the Zoo”. It got the first ever comment on YouTube which said “Interesting”.


  • About one-third of all videos on YouTube break copyright.
  • Justin Bieber got his start on YouTube
  • The longest video on YouTube was 571 hours long. It has been removed
  • The most-viewed video on YouTube was Psy’s “Gangnam Style” with  2.49 billion views

Keep Your YouTube Login Details Safe

Don’t share your sign in details and change your YouTube account aka Google password regularly.


YouTube is a huge part of your Google account so sign in and enjoy!